Should I get a male or female Pug?

Should I get a male or female Pug?

You want a Pug dog breed but you're in a predicament as to which gender to go for? Is there any difference between a male and a female Pug? Will you have more fun and less trouble with either? You have all these questions and they’re giving you doubts.

This article will help you learn all you should know about the Pug dog and the material differences between males and females. But first, an overview.

A quick summary of the Pug dog breed

You’re most likely no stranger to this breed. The Pug is cute, whether male or female. They are very smart and playful. They absolutely love attention and can adapt to their environment and various situations. Your Pug dog can be calm, introverted, attentive, bold, cautious or very attentive.

A quick summary of the Pug dog breed

Most of the time, a dog’s personality can be affected and determined by environmental factors and heredity. But the truth is, every dog is an individual and thus can exhibit traits of their own. It’s a bit hard to generalize.

Nevertheless, the early years of your dog’s life are the perfect time to train them, as this will help them drop any potential destructive traits and shape them up to be great, well-adjusted dogs. But beware, anything you sweep under the carpet without addressing can later become an issue and destructive behaviors will only stress you and tire out your dog.

The Pug has a pretty even disposition and they are usually almost always well-behaved. They are friendly, affectionate, fun and loving. Now, let’s talk gender.

Pug Puppy – Male vs. Female!

Pug Puppy – Male vs. Female!

There are some notable differences between the male and female Pug.

You probably have questions like which one is easier to train? Is one smarter, better looking, more affectionate than the other?

Let’s look at the differences between a male Puggle and a female Pug puppy.

Physical appearance between a male and a female Pug

Male Pug dog

Male Pug

Female Pug dog

Female Pug

There isn’t a huge difference in the appearance of the male and female Pug. The male Pug is about 10 to 14 inches high and weighs around 20 to 30 pounds. While, the female Pug measures about 10 to 12 inches high and weighs around 18 to 28 pounds.

As you can see, there isn’t so much of a difference but this may explain why the female Pug sometimes looks slimmer and not as bulky or stocky as the male however, some females are just as bulky and stocky as the male.

MALE vs FEMALE PUPPY! Why I Chose a Female Cane Corso Puppy!

So you want to know how to choose if you should go for a boy or girl puppy and want to know what the difference between male and female puppies is?

French Bulldog Pajamas

Personality and temperament

It is generally assumed that males are more mischievous, energetic, confident and bold while females are shy and a bit more relaxed.

As a result, they are considered much easier to train and house break than the male. Females are also regarded to be incredibly affectionate with a high snuggling ability.

Males do not nip as much as females do as females are quick to aggression.

You should not tease a female Pug. They can be inconsistent with their emotions, especially in their early years, but they usually outgrow it. Males also experience a dash of aggressiveness but it is less than females and easier to correct.

Males are the ones who are more likely to display an alpha attitude and try to mark their territory. There are some cases in which the female Pug will walk around with an air of dominance especially if you had them before the male.

It has been perceived however not scientifically proven that female dogs are smarter and more loyal than males. Again, your dog’s temperament and personality will probably be affected or influenced by genes your leadership and environment. This is why you should make adequate research before purchasing or rescuing a Pug puppy.

Regardless of all the above it is more important to choose a dog that fits with your personality and life style in a litter rather than being set on one gender for one reason or another. Focus on the individual temperament of the dog and get to know the puppy and their energy levels before making a life long commitment.

Life span and cost

How long your Pug will live is not dependent on gender. Their longevity depends on genes and how well you take care of them.

Keeping your Pug at an ideal weight with adequate hygiene and balanced nutrition will help ensure your Pug dog is healthy.

The female Pug is usually more expensive than the male especially with breeding rights and AKC papers.

Life span and cost of the pug
Spaying or neutering your Pug dog

Spaying or neutering your Pug dog

If you don’t want to spay or neuter your dog, you should know that hormones will play a huge part in how they behave.

When your Pug is in heat, you might have to deal with a lot of aggression and moodiness as well as unwanted attention if you own a female Pug.

Female Pugs will definitely give you some measure of attitude and are more prone to huge mood swings.

They will also soil your rugs and couch with discharge unless you use diapers and clothing during their heat. Your female Pug might also give off a strong scent which will cause you to have a lot of prospective “baby daddies” coming to look for her and you might not be pleased.

Males will probably embarrass you when they start humping every dog in the park. Your male Pug dog can also get aggressive when they are in this mind frame and if there is a female nearby, he will pull and drag you off course trying to find her.

Another unpleasant thought is that during heat, your dogs are at a flight risk. Please note that you cannot train them out of the natural instinct to mate. It might come with a lot of “crazed” behavior but keeping yourself prepared for these will at least make it easier.

Using the Health Harness ensures they will never get away from you or able to escape. The Health Harness is escape free and features real metal hardware to prevent buckles from breaking even with strong pullers.

If you do decide to spay or neuter your dog, you are going to reduce this aggressiveness by a wide margin. Spayed or neutered Pugs can make the best pets. But you can decide to keep your dog intact. All you need is a safe and controlled space.

Which Pug should you get?

If you’re up to this point and still aren’t decided, we don’t blame you. We can’t decide either!

Choosing between the male and female Pug is tough because they are really quite similar.

But here’s an idea, rather than choose between male and female, why not get both!

Two is always better than one and it is a great idea and here's why:

Which Pug should you get?
  • Can be left alone longer. They will keep each other company and this will reduce separation anxiety.
  • Will help to keep each other fit with their antics, they’ll get quite a bit of exercise.
  • Are social animals and will thrive better with company.
Pug puppy dog

How do you procure two of these loving companions?

There are two main ways to get your hands on two Pugs. You can choose to get one from a reputable breeder or adopt from an animal shelter/ Pug rescue.

If you are on a tight budget there are creative ways to get your hands on a quality healthy Pug

Will you stick with one cuddly, furry companion or go all out and get two? It’s your decision. If you’d like to learn more about taking care of your Pug, sign up to our Pug Blog. You’ll find all you need as you embark on your Pug adventure.

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Eisha Singh
Eisha Singh

October 03, 2022

Fantastic article…Thanks for sharing such an amazing content with us.God bless you.Keep it up.


October 03, 2022

Excellent advice my wife getting female

Sherri Mead
Sherri Mead

July 06, 2021

Great info. I am getting a mini pug in 2 weeks. What size crate do I get and can you give me tips for house breaking? What age do I start? How can I calm the puppy when I am away?

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