Handmade specialty Frenchie accessories made specifically for French Bulldogs unique sizing and health needs


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French Bulldog Versatile Health Harness

French Bulldog Health Harness

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Handmade soft and luxurious Frenchie dog Health Harness. Made specifically for French Bulldogs unique sizing and health needs.

Frenchie dog Health Harness

Though the fit and fabric was meticulously designed for your Frenchie dog breed, our Health Harnesses fit many other dog breeds such as Pugs, Boston Terriers, Dachshund, English Bulldog and much more.

Designed for dogs with BOAS

Our French Bulldog Health Harness is vet approved & was inspired by our Frenchie named Bluenjy® for the health and safety of your pet. (Patent pending)

What is the best harness for a French Bulldog?

Not all dog harnesses are made equal, materials and features vary greatly. You should consider the following when purchasing the best harness for your dog:

Are dog harnesses better than collars? Using a dog harness instead of a collarreduces the chance of injury or strain on the dog's neck and back. In addition a dog harnessmakes it easier to control and manage even the most stubborn dogs without harming them in anyway.

How tight should my dog's harness be? The harness should not feel loose however, you should be able to insert two fingers in between the dog's neck and the Frenchiestore Health Harness.

Do dog harnesses encourage pulling? Traditional dog harnesses with only one back D ring doencourage pulling like sled dogs. If you want your French Bulldog to stop pulling you need to use the Front D ring or both D rings for the best results.

How do I stop my dog from pulling when walking? For pullers or multiple dogs we recommend pairing your Health Harness with the Health Leash for the best results.Connect to the front and the back of Frenchiestore Health Harness simultaneously - this configuration creates a 4' long leash and provide the owner additional control points and evenly distributed motions.