Handmade specialty Frenchie accessories made specifically for French Bulldogs unique sizing and health needs

French Bulldog Hoodies

Do French Bulldogs need clothes?

Clothing for Frenchies isn’t just about making a fashion statement, though that can be reason enough for owners to splurge on a wardrobe designed just for their four-legged friends. But at Frenchiestore, we also know there’s a lot more going on with dog clothing than looks alone.

Consider the following benefits of Frenchie dog hoodies for your French bulldog and other canine friends:

1. Frenchie clothing retains body heat -most dog breeds can rely on a thick coat of fur to keep them warm during the winter. Dogs tend to bulk up when it starts getting cold, and will shed excess fur in the warmer months. However, for some dog breeds like the French Bulldog, pugs, boston terrier etc. fur isn’t quite enough to keep off the winter chill.

Signs your French Bulldog might be cold:

2. Dogs who are battling illness or recovering from a procedure-can also benefit from an extra layer of warmth.This allows their body to retain more body heat and better use its resources for healing and energy.

3. Frenchie dog hoodies protects against scratching- Itchy pets, or those with allergies, will have limited access to their skin while wearing Frenchiestore dog hoodies and won’t be able to scratch. Having the skin less accessible can help to reduce irritation caused by scratching, along with a reduction in licking and chewing affected areas.

4. Reduces contact with allergens - wearing dog clothing can limit your French Bulldog’s contact with allergens that make them scratch in the first place. Our soft organic cotton Frenchie hoodies provide a protective barrier between your dog’s skin and the outer elements that may contain irritants.

5. Frenchiestore dog hoodies are safe and eco-friendly - in true Frenchiestore fashion, all of our doggie clothing for French bulldogs are made with your pet’s health and safety in mind. We make sure to use only 100% organic cotton and soy based print to create a sustainable, chemical-free product.

There are no harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritation or worsen your pet’s allergens, plus they are easy to wash and care for to make them last a long time. Each of our dog hoodies pair perfectly with our Health Harnessas they were made to correspond together. You can easily attach the leash to the back or the front D ring while your dog is wearing our  Frenchie dog organic hoodie.