Handmade specialty Frenchie accessories made specifically for French Bulldogs unique sizing and health needs


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Cream French Bulldog Blankets

Often a pure cream French Bulldog is confused with a fawn Frenchie, maskless fawns and honeycomb pied French Bulldogs.  This confusion is due to the cream French Bulldogs' coat color which is a direct recessive dilute of fawn Frenchie breed line. Cream French Bulldog has a solid and slightly off white shade without any markings or brindle to the coat.  Did you know that a cream Frenchie is born pure white and then develops the black distinguishing features of the cream French Bulldog such as black nose? Cream French Bulldogs are also very different than white Frenchies which have pink eye rims.

Why should you invest in a Frenchiestore blanket?

Frenchie blankets retain body heat - most dog breeds can rely on a thick coat of fur to keep them warm during the winter. However, for some dog breeds like the French Bulldog, pugs, boston terrier etc. fur isn’t quite enough to keep off the winter chill. Dogs who are battling illness or recovering from a procedure can also benefit from an extra layer of warmth. This allows their body to retain more body heat and better use its resources for healing and energy.

Our Cream Frenchie dog Blankets were drawn to perfection and are sold exclusively by Frenchiestore. We have tested numerous prints to make sure the colors and distinguishing features of the Cream French Bulldogs are all met. Our French Bulldog blankets are individually handmade, custom, and as soft as a cloud.  The Sherpa Fleece is an animal-friendly alternative without compromising the superior quality, comfort and feel. Invest in an ethical brand and products that will last and have a low environmental impact. 

When it comes to quality our blankets are the Rolls Royce of blankets. If you want the best blanket to cuddle with your best furry friend you found it. We have been making our soft luxurious French Bulldog blankets since 2015. They are proudly Made in the USA.

As you can see our Frenchie blankets are in line with our mission to provide Health Conscious Pet Products.
Frenchiestore Health Conscious Pet Products