Pug Dog Breed – All You Need to Know

Pug Dog Breed – All You Need to Know

The pug dog was originally bred to be a lap dog and

the pooch does very well with human companionship. This breed of dog has an incredible sense of humor that is they are sometimes referred to as the clowns of the dog world.

Pugs can happily thrive anywhere whether, in the city or in the country. They can happily live as a pack of other dogs or alone.

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Pug owners swear by their dogs and consider them the best house dogs. Pugs, however, do not thrive in very hot or very cold conditions.

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What some call ugly others might call irresistably cute! The Pug has turned in to one of the most popular dogs in the  United States, find out more about this lovable breed.

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Features of the pug

As mentioned earlier, the pug dog can be described as ‘a lot of dog in a small space’.

Pugs come in different colors such as silver with a black face mask or apricot-fawn with a black muzzle.

They can also come as all black. The pug’s big eyes, the large but round head and a wrinkled forehead all give the pug a range of human-like expressions.

The expressions that a pug dog can have include curiosity, happiness, surprise, and others.

All of these expressions make the pug dog a very adorable and lovable dog. In ancient China, legend has it that the pug’s wrinkled forehead was very crucial in the pricing of the dog. Some of the pug’s foreheads had the word ‘prince’ written on them. According to the legend, a pug with these markings carried good fortune.

The pug’s features make them look like clowns but surprisingly, these dogs are known to carry themselves with a lot of dignity. Pugs also love attention and they become heartsick if they are ignored. Pug’s cheeks also have moles that are referred to as ‘beauty marks’. The ears of a pug are black and very smooth with a velvety feel. The pug also has a very tightly curled tail.

Pugs are also known to have a double coat and they also shed profusely

Due to their profuse shedding, you should invest in an excellent vacuum cleaner and a great dog brush.

They are also very susceptible to becoming obese thus a pug owner should ensure that they have a balanced diet approved by a vet, and they should not be overfed with snacks.

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Some people tend to think that pugs do not bark since they are very silent but the truth is that they do bark. However, their barking is not as loud as barks from other dogs. They are also very playful dogs, loyal and affectionate.

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Short history of the pug dog breed

Pugs originally came from China, dating back from the Han dynasty. They were prized by the emperors and led very luxurious lifestyles. Some were even guarded by soldiers.

Pug dogs are believed to be one of the three short-nosed dogs bred by the Chinese. These three dogs included the Lo-sze, the Lion dog and the Pekingese.

In time, the Chinese began to trade the pugs to the European countries and soon, the pugs became the favorite dogs of the royal households.  As the pugs were quickly spreading in Europe, they were given different names.

In Spain the Pug had the name Dagullo, in France, he was named Carlin, in Germany, he was known as Mops and also in Italy he was referred to as Cagnolino.

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Pug Dog Nutrition

Pugs love eating and as such, they are very prone to obesity. Pugs can thrive well on any quality dog food.

They can be fed on manufactured foods as well as well made homemade food that has been approved by the veterinarian.

Also, during training Pugs will train very well alongside dog treats, however, you need to be mindful not to overfeed treats.

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In addition, clean fresh water should be available at all times for the pug to drink. The recommended amount of food that a pug eats will depend on their weight, activity level and vet recommendations.

Pugs and other dog breeds are individuals just like us and so there is no universal amount of food that a pug should eat in a day. A highly and young active dog will need more food per day than a senior pug that is not that active.

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Grooming your Pug

A pug’s coat is short and very smooth but don’t be deceived, pugs can shed a lot of the fur, especially in the summer.

However, if you have to reduce the shedding, regular brushing of the coat would help.

In addition a monthly pug’s bath is enough but you will find that some owners love to do it more than once a month. Due to their small size, grooming the pug is so much easier than grooming a larger dog breeds.

It is also very advisable to do regular nail trimming on a pug since they do not wear down the nails easily as outdoor dogs do. Pugs ears also need regular grooming to ensure that they are clean at all times.

The most important part of the pug’s body is the wrinkles and folds on the forehead and muzzle area. The wrinkles are prone to hiding infections and pests. Ensure you regularly clean the folds.

Health of the Pug dog breed

Pugs are generally healthy but like all animals, they are prone to various diseases.

The most sensitive part of the pug’s health is their eyes.

The eyes are a center of attraction, however,  due to their flat faces and no nose they can easily injure their eyes or contract different eye infections.

Thus it is very advisable that a pug owner should take extra care of a pug’s eyes.

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Below are some of the common diseases that a pug can contract;
●    Pug dog Encephalitis
●    Cheyletiella Dermatitis
●    Corneal Ulcers
●    Epilepsy
●    Dry Eye

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Though rambunctious and playful, pugs have low maintenance

cost. This make them ideal for the elderly.

Since they are relatively small in size, inactive when in the house and a quiet breed, they are suitable for those who live in apartments.

Pugs are sensitive to humidity and heat.

It is thus the owners should make sure that their pugs do not spend much time outside their houses.

Pugs puppies make great family dogs

Kids are great friends of pugs. Although they are small in size, Pugs are not such delicate dogs like other toy breeds.

They are good breeds for the families with children. Adults should always supervise the interactions the children and pugs.

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Pugs are considered a medium dog breed with a lot of personality. They are loving, loyal and very playful. Pug owners need to learn all about these breed of dogs before deciding on owning one. they are easy to take care of and love.

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October 24, 2023

I got a pug from a rescue.
We didn’t know it, she was already 1 month pregnant.
She just had 5 puppies and my son wants one… wondering which gender to choose.

Eisha Singh
Eisha Singh

July 10, 2022

Fantastic article…Thanks for sharing such an amazing content with us.I am a dog lover.so,I really enjoyed your blog.God bless you.Keep it up.

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