Best Frenchie products 2019

Best Frenchie products 2019

There are lots of different types of dog harnesses in the market, in fact you will probably be overwhelmed with the amount of choices. Here at the Frenchiestore we took everything into consideration and made sure our harness will stand alone from the crowd and provide the customer with the safety style and comfort their Frenchie needs.

The dangers of plastic buckles most people are unaware of

The most common buckles for making dog harnesses are usually made of plastic. Any harness is only as good as the fastener that keeps it together, so we took that in consideration and all of our harnesses feature heavy duty metal double buckles and closures for added safety.

You wouldn't want the harness to fall apart and something horrible to happen (heartbreaking situations we all heard of in the past like being run by a car, getting in a dog fight, running and getting lost etc...)

Another issue with plastic to consider the dog chewing and ingesting it. Is your dog always curious about eating anything that cross his/her path? Most dogs from time to time tend to eat something they shouldn’t, and we all heard stories about dogs that were rushed to vets to get their stomach pumped x-ray done and even emergency surgery in certain situations. Plastic is a major hazard when it comes to dog accessories and those that feature plastic usually come with a written warning.

For all the reasons above we decided to make our Frenchiestore Health Harnesseswith the safest buckles and closures, dogs cannot chew and swallow our indestructible buckles.

breakaway Frenchie collar

Breakaway buckles

All of our buckles are the safest in the pet industry with a breakaway buckles which prevents injuries or strangulation. We do not compromise when it comes to dogs safety. Our buckles are breakaway technology with the latest safe technology.

frenchiestore reversible harness

Our dual D ring reversible harness and how it relates to brachycephalic breeds:

Our harnesses are the very first Health Harness of its kind in the pet industry. Tailored for dogs with BOAS and other health issues.  We innovated this idea while walking our own dog Bluenjy. We wanted to have the ability to walk him like a normal dog without having to worry about restraining his breathing.

As most of you know Bluenjy had BOAS surgery to correct his breathing. We were extra sensitive when it came to his breathing and what we felt was the safest option for him.

We were not able to find any harness that offered everything we wanted. At first we thought we needed one D ring on each side of the harness but quickly came to the realization the dog would be very uncomfortable if the D ring was touching and pressing against the dogs neck.

We came up with the idea (Frenchiestore L.L.C. patent pending) of a swivel D ring in the neck that goes back and forth depending on which side of the harness you want to wear. The Health Harness also has double buckles in each side for extra strength.


Our dual D rings harnesses allows you to train your Frenchie to walk properly with a lead without worrying about a collar restricting your dogs breathing. If you are not training your pup how to walk simply switch to the back attachment.

Our Frenchie pinky promise

We believe that when you purchase a harnesses from us or any other product for that matter you will see the quality, superior craftsmanship and all the details and thoughtfulness that was put into them.

As a pioneer in the pet industry, Frenchiestore's vision and innovative designs result in products that are simply the best for your pet.

We worked for months on this line. There are so many things we changed, upgraded and removed. We want to explain the details in case you were wondering.

We have the best gear for Frenchies and other brachycephalic dog breeds. No other company has been able to achieve the quality or health conscience dog products that we provide. Now that we extended our sizing we can cater to other breeds as well. 

Upgrades made to Frenchiestore Versatile Health Harness:

frenchiestore mermazing harness under the sea dog harness magical mermaid unicorn buckles















We want to start with our innovative Health Harness. We have made so many upgrades to the harness. For starters we eliminated the mesh side. We decided that a luxury soft fabric that is water resistant is ideal. It is comfortable, padded and is going to be your Frenchies' new best friend.

We also found that printing on the luxurious fabric makes the colors and print vibrant and smooth. We took in consideration that in summer, dogs love to get wet; in the beach, playing with sprinklers etc.

Having a water resistant fabric on both sides ensures the dog does not have that sticky wet feeling or an odor because moist was stuck within the mesh.

Pro tip: You can use Frenchiestore cooling bandanas under your water resistant harness fabric to cool your dog without moisture seeping in.

Next we made sure to upgrade our logos material. We switched to vegan leather. It is less bulky and soft on your Frenchies chest.

It took over a year but we finally perfected the sizes. It did come with a small sacrifice. We had to remove the logo on the belly strap since it was taking away valuable inches. However, by eliminating that we gained 4 inches for those thin waist thick neck French Bulldogs so now a large can fit them perfectly without a loose belly strap.

Having a size chart of S-XL was not enough for us. Dogs of all breeds contacted us needing the Health Harness. We added XXL for larger breeds and we added XS for smaller breeds.

The XL and XXL Health Harness comes with enlarged straps and buckles. This is for the security and safety of the dog. We also made another critical decision, it may seem small to some but to us it was not.

We decided to exclude the white label that was on the reverse bottom on our prior harnesses. In our opinion that label was unnecessary and it was just another thing that could possibly irritate the dog. We all remember as kids being bothered by labels and cutting them, don't we?

We want dogs to be comfortable and even though removing the label is essentially removing part of our branding, we believe it was justified and warranted. Ultimately we can more about having a comfortable dog than a label.

Upgrades made to Frenchiestore Adjustable Health Harness:

strap harness for frenchies made by frenchiestore















We were really picky when it came to our Adjustable Health Harness. Your feedback throughout the last year has helped us perfect it. We now have constructed the ultimate on the go harness that is comfortable, stays in place and functional all in


We decided to add 3 O rings to prevent any movement. It stays in place, secure and safe no matter what. Just like the Versatile Health Harness the logos got an upgrade to vegan leather.

frenchie harness with palms tropical design














We decided to move the back ring upwards so it does not touch the dog's back at all. The front D ring is located in the front just below the O ring.

We have moved our breakaway buckles to the same side so it makes the harness a step into rather than over the head. This harness construction is extremely user friendly.

Finally we added more sizes. French Bulldogs usually wear a medium in this harness. We added small to accommodate breeds such as Miniature Pinscher, Beagle, Brussels Griffon, Cocker Spaniel etc.

We added large to accommodate breeds such as Boxer, Collie, Dalmatian, German Shepherd etc.

Our new innovative Frenchiestore Health Leash:

 innovative dual attachment leash multiple configuration leash














This leash is meant to be paired with Frenchiestore Health Harness. A great everyday training leash for your stubborn dog. Ideal for dogs that love to pull and lead their owners.

Simply connect to the front and the back of your Health Harness simultaneously - this configuration creates a 4' long leash and provide the owner additional control points and evenly distributed motions.

This leash works very well on even the most stubborn pullers. We upgraded leash hardware on all the leashes for durability and security.

Unicorn hardware:

How do you like our new unicorn hardware? It has multiple colors; blue, purple green and yellow hues. It changes colors according to movement and lighting. We are absolutely in love with it. 

Each one is handmade with multiple color coatings. Our Mermazing collection has all unicorn hardware including the buckles, O rings, D rings, mini D rings, size adjustable clips and leash attachments.

unicorn magical dog leash made by frenchiestore















Our collars have a mini D ring added for tags. You can find them in the new collection as well as the StarPup collars. The new collars now come in sizes S-L and similarly in size to the Adjustable Health Harness. Small is suitable for smaller breeds, Large for bigger breeds and medium is the size a Frenchie would wear.

We have upgraded the closures on the bow-ties, added new accessories like matching waste bags etc. All upgrades can be seen in individual listings under "new features".  We have worked on this release day and night for the past few months.

We hope you love everything and appreciate the fact that we want to give our furry friends only the best. We did not increase prices because we believe a healthy option should be attainable without costing an arm and a leg.

Our Frenchie organic shirts

New in our Frenchie shop are the most adorable organic Frenchie shirts in  Aquamarine, Bumblebee & Bubblegum.Variations include the black, blue, cream & fawn French Bulldog bum.


french bulldog organic shirt pink

Organic French Bulldog clothing features:

  • 100 % super soft organic cotton.
  • Velcro closures in the chest and belly regions
  • Uber easy to put on and off - no pulling over the head or threading legs through.
  • One size fits most - adjusts to your French Bulldog perfectly.
  • Minimizes shedding.
  • Minimizes allergies.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to sleep in, walk or lounge.
  • A harness slate

organic shirts for frenchies

Our French bulldog hypoallergenic shirts are made of the same materials as out Frenchie pajamas (100 percent organic cotton) and that material is known to prevent environmental allergies resulting from contact with pollen, mold spores, plants, and grass or dust mite among others.

Environmental allergies are a common cause of discomfort for many dogs, often requiring a visit to the vet. Brachycephalic dogs are more prone to environmental allergies because of the skin folds and short snout.

As a pet owner, you should always be on the lookout for signs of these allergies. If left untreated, the affected spot can become infected and transform into generalized dermatitis. It is best to prevent these allergies from happening in the first place as they cause great discomfort for your dog.

With our organic Frenchie clothing you can prevent your dog from direct contact with stressors like grass, plants & pollen.

Best Frenchie dog car seat 2019

Our beloved pets hog the couch, the bed, sleep on our legs for countless hours while we need to get up. We simply cannot get enough of our pups.

Tens of billions (with a“B”!) are spent each year on vet care, doggie daycare, top tier foods, endless toys and yet,we make an insanely unwise decision when it comes to their safety in the car.

Why do we make irrational choices when it comes to pet's safety in the car?

The oft-quoted AAA Kurgo Pet Survey cites that 83% of participants admitted that driving with an unrestrained dog is inherently dangerous, but only 16 percent currently restrain their dog.

That figure is ghastly indeed, and yet not the least bit surprising, when you take a drive down the road and see so many pups in pickup truck beds, or perched perilously upon drivers’ laps.

Currently many pet parents choose to restrain their dog, but fail to notice that the crate, booster seat or harness that they are using is actually less safe than if their dog were left unrestrained.

There are countless pet travel “safety” products on the market and very few have actually been crash tested. Far fewer have met the basic requirements for containing the dog in the case of an accident.

It is a sad reality that the pet industry is widely unregulated and that consumers must do the legwork of vetting products before purchasing them. It is also unfortunate that many “Top Selling” brands are often pushed in lieu of those that actually help save pets’ lives.

You will see these brands mentioned over and over in pet travel safety articles online, but if you scratch beneath the surface, these products are regularly cited as unsafe in car accidents.

The buyer must beware at all times of paid advertising, masquerading as verifiable product reviews, and purchase accordingly.

No one ever thinks that they will be in an accident, especially close to home, however, statistics show most accidents occur within 5 miles of home and at speeds under 35 mph.

It is safer to buckle up that pup every time you get in the car, whether it’s across town, or across the country it is always better to be safe than sorry.

frenchie safest car seat crash tested pupsaver frenchiestore


What can I do to help keep our dogs safe during a car ride?

For all the misleading info out there regarding pet travel products, it is actually simple to find a solution that will work for you and your pup.

First and foremost, look for a canine travel safety product manufacturer that touts crash test credentials. There is a huge difference between the “driver distraction” category of safety products and the “crash test-worthy” category.

For example, a booster seat would qualify as a sort of safety product in the former, but not the latter. Secondly, check the manufacturer’s sources.

Does the manufacturer offer crash test videos, from an NHTSA-contracted testing facility? Does the manufacturer work with an engineer on their crash testing program, to ensure legitimate crash testing practices?

A quick Google search for the specific manufacturer’s crash test videos and see what comes back. If the manufacturer fails to provide crash test footage, it is likely that:

  • Their crash test claim is unfounded, or worse;
  • Their product failed in a crash test.


“My dog likes to stick their head out the window…”

you would not allow your human child to put any body part outside the window, why allow your dog?It is extremely dangerous and puts their vision in jeopardy by any road debris or any object hitting their eyes or head.

“My pet likes to sit in my lap…”

This is deemed illegal in most states under Distracted Driver laws.

"My Frenchie needs to be boosted up so he/she can see out..."

Have you ever thought of the damage that an unrestrained dog could cause if they struck another passenger in the vehicle? It’s a gruesome thought, but one that must be pondered.

A fellow passengers could be seriously injured or killed in this horrific scenario. An unrestrained 10-lb. dog can exert 40 times their weight in a 25 mph crash (that’s 400 lbs of force)!!

If you’re in an accident, that tremendous force is going to snap the flimsy tether inside the booster seat and your beloved pet will become projectile.

Whether they make contact with the windshield, or another surface in the car, the results will be detrimental.

Is there a crash test-worthy dog car seat that my dog will actually like?

We only use the PupSaver for our dog Bluenjy. We also highly recommend this seat to our friends and loyal customers. It is the only crash tested rear-facing dog car seat in the world.

Their seats mimic, and in some cases are actually safer than, top quality infant car seats. They have spent over $100K in testing and and R&D to create the most sound pet product on the market.

They partnered with a child safety seat design engineer since 2014. The patented, rear-facing, SRS compatible design sets them apart from any other dog car seat company in the market.

The PupSaver seats' ability to protect a pet in case of an accident is unparalleled. If you think about a catcher’s mitt, that is how PupSaver works: it installs rear-facing, connects to the seat belt system and in an accident, closes around the dog and safely pulls them close to the seat back inside the soft shell.

Their unique ballistic nylon, poly-fill shell protects the dog from contact with hard surfaces and airbags, thus making PupSaver safe for front seat use, as long as proper installation guidelines are followed.

This distinct feature makes Their seat the only restraint system that is suitable for pickup trucks, two seater cars and people with ESD and medical alert dogs who need to be in the front seat.

Full disclosure we have not been paid to post this nor making any commission from the PupSaver. This is solely based on our research and everything we our brand stands for. Frenchiestore values safety first before anything else and this is the only seat we felt comfortable putting our precious Bluenjy in. We have been using the PupSaver seat since Bluenjy was a puppy.

Bluenjy the Frenchie car safety tips for dogs pets safe travel

MGA Research Corporation - a premier NHTSA-contracted testing lab - dates back to 2012, when they began using a canine variation of the FMVSS 213 child safety seat test.

“Safety First” is the theme at PupSaver and their signature seats go beyond NHTSA requirements for child safety seats with a 35 mph/ 35 Gs crash test.

A major consumer awareness magazine developed this test in 2016 and PupSaver is the only pet product manufacturer to use their test bench and testing parameters - and meet or exceed standards.

PupSaver's safety design engineer deemed their crash testing results PASSING by the following parameters:

  1. The seats contained both the 25-lb and 45-lb test dogs.
  2. The seats remained on the test bench for the duration of the crash test.
  3. The seats tested maintained an acceptable amount of excursion and;
  4. The seats which were tested sustained no damage during testing.

The PupSaver proudly display the crash test results on their website.

But, most importantly, dogs love the PupSaver. Even though their seats install rear-facing for safety, your dog will be able to sit facing any direction they please, thanks to an ample seating area and a 360-degree rotating tether clip that never tangles.

The plush interior of the PupSaver is more akin to a premium bed than a boxy car seat, which means that your dog will likely settle in for a nice snooze once they get comfy inside their seat.

They come in a variety of designs and finishes. Classic styles like the black and white Houndstooth and plaid for more tame pups. The PupSaver also offers a leopard collection for the wilder at heart.

Black & White Houndstooth Original PupSaver (For Dogs Up To 30 lbs)

Black Plush w/ Black Back Original PupSaver (For Dogs Up To 30 lbs)

Leopard With red Trim Original PupSaver (For Dogs Up To 30 lbs) ON SALE!

Pink Leopard Original PupSaver (For Dogs Up To 30 lbs)

 How to choose the right car seat for your dog?

  • Look for a crash test-worthy alternative. And ask for that test footage. Although pricey, crash test-worthy crates that attach to cargo area tie down points in SUVs can be a good option, as are some of the crash tested seat belt harnesses.
  • Please beware of any seat belt harness that offers an extension tether, however, as these often negate positive crash test results.
  • Ask questions if you find conflicting crash test information.
  • Manufacturers with legitimate crash test programs will be happy to answer your questions, ones with false claims will avoid answering questions and will fall back on the “driver distraction/ restraint” safety claims that nearly all travel products can use for marketing.


As long as you do your homework and look at any product marketed as “crash tested” with skepticism, you will have no trouble finding the right solution for you and your pup!

Car rides can be some of the most fun times we have with our canine co-pilots, but they can also be treacherous.

Once you make the decision to safely restrain your pup in the car, a peace of mind will come over you that you didn’t realize you needed.

You will be a less distracted driver and if, heaven forbid, the worst happens, you will be so grateful that your furbaby was kept safe thanks to your commitment to their safety.

Our Frenchie car decals prevent road rage

According police records national wide there are more than 1,200 road rage accidents reported per year in the United States. Road rage is serious and can lead to physical injuries and even death. It is especially scary to experience a road rage when you have children or pets in the car.

Frenchiestore is committed to preventing road rage. Our peeking Frenchie car decals are pawfect in preventing any aggression from other drivers.

How does a Frenchie decal prevent road rage?

We have been making these decals since 2015 and they last for many years. You can ask any of our customers that purchased them back in the day, they hold up to the elements.

Our peeking Frenchie decal is bold, and visible. Most people expect a car decal to be on the inside of the car. Instead we made sure ours stick to the outside and are able to withstand car washes, snow, sun etc.

Featuring multiple layers and double UV protection layers we found the exact combination for a decal that will be durable, strong and indestructible. Being able to stick our Frenchiestore decal on the outside means no tinting of the window will ever affect their visibility.

Frenchiestore peeking Frenchie car decal over a tinted window.

Frenchiestore peeking Frenchie car decal over a tinted window.

When we first started making these we wanted them to be as realistic as possible. We chose to make them 5 by 5 inches which is a similar measurement of a real dog that was peeking. It is not uncommon to see real dogs peeking when you drive.

Bluenjy the Frenchie French bulldog car decal

The true size of our Frenchie decals were made to make them look as realistic as possible. A picture showing the decal size next to a real Frenchie.

A person looking at your car with you peeking Frenchie decal might have to look twice or closer to see it is in fact not a real dog and just a car decal. The decal itself is cute, and serves as a warning sign. It makes a person thinks twice before doing something aggressive. It lets the other driver know there might be an innocent dog in your car.

A look back at some of our custom Frenchiestore car decals

We made hundreds of custom Frenchiestore decals so we will spare you all the pictures. Here are a select decals we have made in the past:

Cane Corso car decal dog breed drawn by Frenchiestore

Cane Corso dog breed drawn by Frenchiestore then made into a car decal.

American Bullys dog breed drawn by Frenchiestore then made into a car decal.

English Bulldog dog breed custom frenchiestore decal

English Bulldog dog breed drawn by Frenchiestore then made into car decals. (This picture is showing the decals prior to application)

French Bulldog dog breed drawn by Frenchiestore then made into car decals. (Right Frenchie with unique markings)

Dachshund dog breed and pig custom car stickers by Frenchiestore

Dachshund dog breed and pig drawn by Frenchiestore then made into car decals.

Labrador Retriever, black fawn, and lab mix dog breed custom car decal

Labrador Retriever, and lab mix dog breed drawn by Frenchiestore then made into car decals.

Pug dog breed drawn by Frenchiestore then made into car decals.

 Pug dog breed drawn by Frenchiestore then made into car decals.

Frenchie car decal

Frenchie dog breed all unique markings drawn by Frenchiestore then made into car decals.

 Boston Terrier, Brindle Frenchie , english bulldog French Bulldog drawn by Frenchiestore then made into car decals.

Boston Terrier dog breed (bottom left) Brindle Frenchie with unique markings (bottom right) Red Pied English Bulldog (upper right) and unique marking French Bulldog (upper left) custom decals drawn by Frenchiestore then made into car decals. 

custom car decal white french bulldog

French Bulldog breed white with unique markings drawn by Frenchiestore then made into car decals.


6 tips to stay safe:

  • Consider installing a dash camera
  • Apply our Frenchie on board peeking decal. Alternatively use a "baby on board" car decal.
  • If someone is tailgating you move to another lane.
  • Don't engage, do not look at them, don't participate.
  • If someone is following you, drive to the nearest police station
  • Do not use your horn.

Frenchiestore - our mission

When we started Frenchiestore in 2015, we made our products with safety as our number one priority. Our Frenchie car sticker was no different. It was made to safeguard you and loved ones during car rides letting others know there might be a pet on board.

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Mirage Pet Products
Mirage Pet Products

April 14, 2019

I was excited to read about this post

Abby Boose
Abby Boose

November 04, 2018

Would I be able to get a plain non reversible taco harness? :) if so how much would that be?


November 04, 2018

Can these be used for Chihuahua’s? Also I am so happy to see Bluenjy walking!!!

Jaime - Momma of Motorcity Frenchies
Jaime - Momma of Motorcity Frenchies

November 04, 2018

I was excited to read about this post and all the new and innovative features you guys have selected to safely protect our babes!! First and foremost, lets talk about the ROSE GOLD!!! <3 I am sooo in love and think it was a great idea to incorporate brass instead of plastic in the thought process!!! Second, I appreciate the quality of safety behind this harness…the D RING….EXCELLENT!!!! I am super excited to see my babes in your harness and even more excited to share them with our community!!! Great job!!!

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