The dangers of dog accessories made with plastic

The dangers of dog accessories made with plastic

At the Frenchiestore we are very passionate about dogs and their well being. We continue to investigate the issues of plastic in the pet accessories world. This subject needs to have more awareness and owners of pets need to know the truth behind the closures and buckles which can cause injuries, trauma and even deaths in pets. 

More than 15 years ago I was walking with my best friend and her big yellow lab. We were taking her dog for a walk down the street. The dog was a bit of a puller and had a collar with a plastic buckle and a leash. Somehow the plastic buckle snapped and the the dog ran straight to the road, he was immediately hit by a car. We quickly ran to the dog who was covered in blood, crying and panicking, there was nothing to be done, the dog took his last breaths in both of our arms. He died within a minute or two at the most. I will never forget that day. As a young girl I was traumatized forever. The only thing that was left as evident on the sidewalk was the collar and the snapped plastic buckle. 

After all those years that passed I kept asking myself why do companies still sell something they KNOW have the potential to harm and even kill? The answer is money and profits. It cost a fraction to make a harness or a collar with plastic than it does to make with real metal buckle. In return the companies sell for high margins and profit and bank on a customer that is unaware of these issues. After all if those customers were aware of the dangers of plastic buckles they wouldn't be purchasing. Often times companies settle lawsuits and death cases outside of court and make an agreement for confidential settlements so other customers will remain unaware. My husband Evan Oshan and co founder of the Frenchiestore has represented many deaths involving dogs. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Did you baby proof your house when bringing your new puppy home? Did you baby proof their accesorries and toys?
  • Would you ever give a human baby plastic to chew on?
  • Is the plastic buckle BPO free?
  • If plastic was safe why the United States and the European Union have banned phthalates in children’s toys ?
  • If you leave the harness or leash with plastic buckles what is most likely to happen?
  • Would you wear a belt that was made with a plastic buckle?

If you imagine yourself wearing a belt with a plastic buckle you would expect the plastic buckle to irritate your skin at minimum, snap off or break at maximum and possibly cause injury or death if consumed. Why would you treat your dog any different than yourself and less than a human being? After all your dog is a family member.

According to an article in Environmental Health News, researchers at Texas Tech University found that BPA and phthalates (toxins found in plastic) have been linked to a number of health issues, including but not limited to: impaired development of reproductive organs and hormones, decreased fertility and most alarming cancers in humans and rodents.

Do not be afraid to admit that you weren't a very educated dog owner in the beginning. Everyone makes mistakes and always have room for improvement. There is no manual or instructions for kids or pets, you learn by experiences of your own or others. Hopefully you never experience what I saw when I was younger and although I consider myself a pretty educated pet parent, I admit I still have a lot of learning to do.

We are proud to say we have never sold any dog accessory with a plastic buckle since we opened the Frenchiestore. We strive to have the best and highest quality items for your fur baby. We are known for our 100% organic fabric pjs and hoodies and more recently our new line of Health Harnesseswith double D rings and real double breakaway buckles for extra safety.


Here is an example of how a broken plastic dog collar buckle/clip can affect even a police dog and citizens negatively. There are countless incidents yearly regarding plastic buckles and dog injuries. When you use a plastic buckle you are risking your dog and others. We believe plastic should be eliminated completely from any product your dog wears. We believe it should be outlawed. Many organizations and vets believe the same. More awareness and research is needed in order to keep our dogs safe and secure.

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Sunny @Frenchiestore
Sunny @Frenchiestore

October 03, 2018

Yes our buckles are breakaway buckles which makes them the safest in the industry


October 03, 2018

Are your metal buckles break-away buckles? I thought most buckles were made with a plastic because they were break-away buckles to prevent strangulation.

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