Handmade specialty Frenchie accessories made specifically for French Bulldogs unique sizing and health needs


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Bluenjy the Frenchie - Official model for the Frenchiestore

Bluenjy the frenchie official model for frenchiestore




Bluenjy might be a small Frenchie but he is kind of a big deal! Though he was the only one among his litter mates that was unreserved he was our pick of the litter! We fell in love with him instantly and the rest is history. Bluenjy is deaf in both ears and he was born this way, however against all odds he keeps proving that having a disability won't stop him. He developed special skills to compensate for his disability and holds things with his paws and eats just like a tiny human. He provides happiness to many across the globe who have disabilities and gives them hope. He is truly an inspiration. You can find him on Instagram Facebook and Youtube. (All channels @Bluenjy)


Bluenjy suffered from BOAS and underwent a surgery to correct his stenotic nares, elongated soft palates and everted laryngeal saccules. During the BOAS surgery and recovery time we struggled to find a harness that suited his needs and that we felt gave us peace of mind. Bluenjy inspired us to create the Frenchiestore Health Harness. A harness that was health conscience [without the common hazards in pet accessories like plastic buckles] and supported the emotional and physical well being of our dog. After months of engineering and developing our harnesses we came out with our first line in August 2018. Our Health Harnesses are routinely used by breeders, vets and rescues and respectfully help many dogs around the world and this is all due to one small Frenchie who absolutely stole our hearts.