Bluenjy ® the Frenchie

Bluenjy might be a small Frenchie but he is kind of a big deal!

Though he was the only one among his litter mates that was unreserved he was our pick of the litter!

We fell in love with him instantly and the rest is history.

Bluenjy is deaf in both ears and he was born this way, however against all odds he keeps proving that having a disability won't stop him.

Bluenjy the Frenchie official model for frenchiestore

He developed special skills to compensate for his disability and holds things with his paws and eats just like a tiny human. He provides happiness to many across the globe who have disabilities and gives them hope. He is truly an inspiration. You can find him on Instagram Facebook, Youtube and TikTok. (All channels @Bluenjy)

Bluenjy the Frenchie on MTV

MTV segment aired on national TV on June 27, 2017

Bluenjy on The Dodo

Aired on June 9, 2017

Bluenjy the French Bulldog

Bluenjy is not just a foodie

Bluenjy the Frenchie is also known for his incredible sense of style mixed with off course with humor.

He loves making videos and gets excited every time he sees clothes.

He knows that when an outfit is taken out of his closet it is time for a video. (and yes he has a massive wardrobe! Including human clothes and specialty made for French Bulldog clothes by our brand Frenchiestore)

Bluenjy loves to dress up as celebrities

To make people laugh we sometimes do videos or pictures of Bluenjy dressed as celebrities.

These types of shoots require planning and in advance thought, therefore, we don't make these often.

We prefer a more spontaneous approach without planning where we figure out what shoot we are doing on the spot.

Bluenjy or Bruno Mars?

Our Favorite Bluenjy dressed as a celebrity shoot would have to be Bruno Mars.

Bluenjy shared by celebrities on their pages

Not once nor twice, Bluenjy has been shared by celebrities.

He is loved among all and brings happiness and joy to many people around the globe.

Bluenjy in Metro Newsaper

Bluenjy was featured in a U.K magazine the Metro Newspaper on March 24, 2017 when he was just a puppy.

The Quint also made a video showing Bluenjy's personality. Early on in puppyhood Bluenjy often tried to be the baby of the family.

Bluenjy grew out of this phase when his human sister grew out of pacifiers and baby strollers.

Bluenjy raises awareness to create a better and happier world.

Bluenjy feel good, do good motto

Through his social media outreach Bluenjy raises awareness for cancer and uses his platforms to create a better and happier world.

You can see Bluenjy often promotes small businesses or good causes.

You can also see Bluenjy promotes Frenchiestore and brings awareness for Health Conscious Pet Products.

If doing good to people all over the world wasn't good enough Bluenjy joined in on a mission back in January 2019, which gives one free Health Harness to any dog that is recovering from surgery, going through physical therapy, water therapy or any other health related issues. Back 2 Health Program launched by the Frenchiestore has been helping dogs worldwide one harness at a time.

We get messages every day thanking us and telling us Bluenjy helped them overcome their depression, fear, or disability. Those messages bring smiles to our faces and a big sense of satisfaction knowing we are making a positive change and a difference in this world for the better.

Bluenjy's story wasn't always a happy one

Our Frenchie has had his fair share of medical issues. However, as the fighter and hero that he is he overcame every single one including a tumor he developed in his airways approximately six months post his BOAS surgery.

Bluenjy the Frenchie superhero

We do not know if the two correlate but one thing is for sure, Bluenjy needed the BOAS surgery to have a better quality of life, be able to run play and have fun.

Frenchiestore Health Harness by Bluenjy

Frenchiestore Health Harness was born

Bluenjy underwent a surgery to correct his stenotic nares, elongated soft palates and everted laryngeal saccules.

During the BOAS surgery and recovery time we struggled to find a harness that suited his needs and that we felt gave us peace of mind.

Bluenjy inspired us to create Frenchiestore Health Harness.

A harness that was health conscience (without the common hazards in pet accessories like plastic buckles) and supported the emotional and physical well being of our dog.

After months of engineering and developing our harnesses we came out with our first line in August 2018.

Our Health Harnesses are routinely used by breeders, vets and rescues and respectfully help many dogs around the world and this is all due to one small Frenchie who absolutely stole our hearts.

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