Plastic around the world and why you should stop chewing gum

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It is a known fact that plastic affects the environment. Plastic is made from oil or natural gas and takes lots of energy to produce. The U.S. industry plans to spend $47 billion on new plastic-production capacity over the next decade according to the American Chemistry Council.

How does plastic affect us worldwide? How does Frenchiestore play a role as a brand? We take a look at the big picture and what we can do to be a part of the solution instead of the problem.

Tiny Plastic Particles Are Flooding Beaches

tiny round plastic pellets covering a beach on Padre Island, off the southern coast of Texas.


Take a look at the above picture which shows tiny round plastic pellets covering a beach on Padre Island, off the southern coast of Texas. Millions of plastic bottles caps and oil pipelines wash up on beaches and becoming a major environmental hazard.

Researchers estimated that more than 250,000 tons of these tiny plastic remnants also known as nurdles enter the ocean annually. Nurdles absorb chemicals like DDT, PCB, and mercury.

If ingested by animals they can clog the digestive system and cause long, agonizing death through starvation. In Point Comfort, Texas residents have sued Formosa Plastics for $184 million for violating the Clean Water Act. 

nurdles toxic

The United Nations has declared a war on plastic

Plastic is becoming a greater problem as the world's population grows. When ending up in landfill and burned, toxic chemicals are released into our breathing air, which causes a major health concern.

Federal, state and local money is used to clean up plastic items along our cities and roads. Plastic will be there for hundreds of years unless cleaned up. Cleaning up costs billions of dollar each year.

The largest plastic-polluted body of water on earth is the Mediterranean Sea. Along the beaches from Greece to France, we often see dying whales and other marine creatures filled with plastic.

Plastic straws banned in the State of São Paulo

Plastic straws banned in the State of São Paulo

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Plastic straws might sound harmless but research shows a whooping 91 percent of the plastic we use ends up in landfills or the ocean.

São Paulo recently banned the use of plastic straws, furthermore, instructed businesses to use recyclable or biodegradable straws. Those that do not comply will be fined.

Everything you’re given on a flight is wrapped in plastic.

Everything you’re given on a flight is wrapped in plastic.

Air travel generates millions of tons of plastic waste every year. From a plastic wrapped blanket to earbuds almost everything you are given on the plane contains plastic.

Airlines generated 5.7 million tons of waste in 2016. By 2030, this number is expected to double to an annual 10 million tons. In a single year, airlines dispose 9,000 tons of plastic, enough cans to build 58 new Boeing 747s!

Today, after learning all the hazards that plastic has on our environment, airlines are trying to change using plastic with biodegradable alternatives such recyclable paper cups. Some airlines even offer a reusable plate as an option.

By the end of 2019 Air France pledged replacement of all single used plastic items with sustainable versions. Hi Fly, a Portuguese airline that says it can "no longer ignore" the impact the single-use material has on the environment launched the world’s first plastic-free flightin January.

Ireland’s airline Ryanair made a commitment to outlaw plastic completely in the next five years and become the greenest airline in history. British Airways made an announcement the airline is “actively seeking to source non-plastic alternatives where possible.”

Alaska Air, and United announced swapping plastic straws with paper straws. Delta banned straws altogether.


Big Y eliminating plastic bags

Big Y eliminating plastic bags

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Big Y Foods is eliminating all single-use plastic bags at their checkouts. This change is set to happen by August 1st at over 80 locations in North Adams and Pittsfield.

In previous years, the supermarket chain reported distributing about 100 million single-use plastic bags annually. They encourage the customer to bring a reusable bag. There will be a 10 cent charge for those that need paper bags. 


Be a part of the solution not the problem

Take an active approach to say no to plastic. As a consumer you are able to make your own decisions and invest in brands that are ethical and environmental friendly. Since day one we made a commitment to a movement in the pet industry towards social justice, health conscience and greater ecological integrity.

A quick overview of Frenchiestore since 2015:

We produced custom handmade Frenchie greeting cards only with organic paper and envelopes Frenchiestore

We produced custom handmade greeting cards only with organic paper and envelopes.

We produced organic Frenchie clothing including dog hoodies and Frenchie pajamas frenchiestore

We produced organic Frenchie clothing including dog hoodies and Frenchie pajamas.

We produced frenchiestore organic cotton frenchie lead sets in various ombre colors and everlasting metal hardware.

We produced organic cotton lead sets in various ombre colors and everlasting metal hardware.

We produced re-usable Frenchiestore travel mugs that will outlast us.

We produced re-usable Frenchiestore travel mugs that will outlast us.

We produced peeking Frenchies in different colors on organic bamboo wood clocks

We produced peeking Frenchies in different colors on organic bamboo wood clocks

In the last couple of years we concentrated on supplying Frenchies with health conscious clothing and harnesses, as well as other dog essentials. We have expended our size charts to be able to offer many other breeds our unique and innovative Frenchiestore gear.

In a plastic saturated pet industry we decided to break all the rules. We never manufactured a single plastic buckle. We are proud of that achievement and are constantly growing and improving towards ultimate sustainable fashion.

4 Companies that can help you eliminate plastic out of your life

bite no plastic tooth paste

  • Stasher - the makers of resealable Stasher bags. Made of food-grade silicone and can be used thousands of times. 
  • FinalStraw - the makers of the metal straw with a mini pipe cleaner to keep the straw sanitary.

  • Abeego - the makers of the Abeego sheet. A hemp and cotton cloth meant to mimic the natural rinds on fruit and vegetables and can be washed and reused for more than a year. 
  • Bite - the makers of the toothpaste tablets. The all natural and plastic-free way to replace the paste you've used your whole life.  


Ways you can make a difference in a plastic saturated world.

  • Shop environmentally friendly - use reusable bags when grocery shopping. Do not buy one-use plastic items.
  • Starbucks run - we all love Starbucks, we can't deny that. We even designed our StarPup harness inspired by Starbucks. You can request a real mug when going for your favorite latte. You can bring your own travel mug as well.
  • Invest in environmentally friendly brands - more brands are becoming socially aware of the plastic hazards. Shop brands that offer plastic free items for your everyday need.
  • Carry a water bottle/ travel mug - refill whenever you want with zero waste.
  • Plastic straws - stop using them in restaurants. You can easily drink from the cup. If you must use a straw we recommended FinalStraw above.
  • Use matches - and not your common plastic lighter.
  • Stop chewing gum - not only the packaging contain plastic the gum itself is made of plastic.
  • Squeeze your own juice - instead of buying the juice in plastic containers.
  • Re-use your razor - use one razor with replaceable blades instead of disposable razors

According to the American Chemistry Council“Plastic waste is an urgent problem, and importantly, it’s one that can be solved with ongoing cooperation, innovation, and investment.

It is our commitment to stay true to our brand since day one; innovating plastic free and health conscious dog pet supplies. We have created a health trend in the pet industry and we are standing strong with our loyal customers, brand reps, brand ambassadors, supporters and fans.

We want to thank you all for being a part of the Frenchiestore family and making a change. Frenchiestore brand is going to be celebrating its 5 year anniversary soon and through this journey we are also celebrating the mass amount of plastic waste we prevented. Our products can be donated, re-used, recycled for many years to come.

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