What Type of Dogs Are Perfect for People with Disabilities?

What Type of Dogs Are Perfect for People with Disabilities?

Having a beautiful pet dog at home is a great way to have your companionship needs fulfilled. While some people become dog parents, others need the assistance of dogs for their day-to-day activities. People with disabilities can benefit from various types of dogs trained to assist a person with a disability.

These dogs are not your regular pups and are called service dogs. Service dogs essentially can sense need and provide regular assistance to those in need. The super-smelling ability of dogs is put to use as they can practically smell discomfort and sickness in human beings. Keeping this aspect in mind, these dogs are trained vigorously. Only certain types of dogs are fit to be service dogs.

The following are a few dog breeds that are perfect for training and very perceptive, making them the right choice for a service dog:

German Shepherd

Wild German shepherds are almost immediately associated as police dogs; they can also be trained to become service dogs. They are brilliant, moderately easy to train, and well behaved, making them the perfect choice for people with disabilities. Their size and strength also need to be factored in because these are essential characteristics for a service dog. They can protect the owner in case of an intruder and are also great for working with visually impaired people.

Of the various characteristics required for making a perfect service dog, German Shepherds have all of them in perfect balance. They are very loyal, which helps them to create a strong bond with their individual. They are not distracted by external stimuli, which help them remain focused on the task at hand.

Besides, they have a great temperament that makes them well suited for patients suffering from anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and panic attack disorder.

Golden Retriever

What makes golden retrievers excellent service dogs are their kind and gentle temperament along with their people-pleasing nature. They are extremely intelligent creatures while being much gentler in comparison to Labrador retrievers. This makes them perfect for children with disabilities for adults belonging to the autism spectrum, or those who have post-traumatic stress disorder. They provide intervention when the disabled individual might be in harm's way.

These dogs are pretty hard workers and are capable of tender bites. We can retrieve objects for individuals who are mobility impaired. As already mentioned, golden retrievers are also an excellent fit for emotional support for a therapy dog. They can detect seizures, are highly perceptive, and provide guidance for hearing and visually impaired people.

Labrador Retrievers

Labradors are one of the most popular breeds of domestic dogs for those with disabilities. These dogs also can be trained to become service dogs. Since they were initially bred to become hunting dogs, they are highly efficient and cost-effective, which are fundamental requirements of a service dog. They have a large body helping them provide guidance and even carry heavy items for those who are disabled.

Labradors can be trained in a customized fashion to perform a large range of specifically required activities for or a person. They have high endurance capabilities, which are very important for those with mobility issues. All in all, labradors are incredibly receptive and energetic, making them an excellent guide for disabled people. They are of great help during emergencies because of their quick thinking abilities.


Dobermans are highly protective and have an intuitive nature. These types of dogs are fit for people who have post-traumatic stress disorder, panic attack disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. They are very loyal and form an affectionate bond with their owners quite instantly. Once the bond is established, they provide a sense of security to emotionally vulnerable and extremely affectionate creatures.


While Pomeranians can be small dogs, they can fulfill the role of a service dog quite effortlessly. Although it might not look like the other large service dogs, their enthusiasm and intelligence are unparalleled, making them excellent helpers. Their exciting nature is perfect for people suffering from emotional and mental health issues bringing brightness to life.

For people suffering from diabetes, a service dog needs to be able to provide a medical alert. Pomeranians are a great fit because they can detect accidentally high or low blood sugar levels and provide an appropriate medical alert. This makes them also great for those suffering from asthma or heart conditions and at risk for untimely attacks.

Having the right service dog can be lifestyle-changing for people with disabilities. It is imperative to find the right fit for the best results.


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