Everything you need to know about the heat cycle of an Australian Shepherd

Everything you need to know about the heat cycle of an Australian Shepherd

An Australian shepherd is an exceptional breed perfect for outdoor living and being a lazy couch potato, and this breed is the amalgamation of the best of both worlds. However, you would be surprised to know that they are not Australian but hail from a small region in Spain. But, they are more prevalent in Australia, making them Australian shepherds,

Often dog owners are left dumbstruck and lost when their dogs go into heat and don’t know what to do when australian shepherds go into heat.

The age range when a dog goes into heat for the first time varies, and an Australian shepherd goes into heat within the first twelve months of its life. However, this can even delay further if they have any underlying health issues. But it is rare if they go into heat before they reach six months of age.

This article will explain what you have to know and prepare for your Australian shepherd and their heat cycles.

    The duration

      While no specific duration is set in stone, they are commonly in the heat for three weeks. During these three weeks, the stages of their heat may also vary.

      So, it is prevalent to notice that some shepherds are not willing to mate with others in the initial days. Herein, the last few days of their cycle are the ones when they are fertile and are willing to accept a mate.

        The frequency

          Even the frequency of their cycles varies on their health. However, it is common for an Australian shepherd to go through heat cycles every six months. So, they go into heat at least twice a year.

          By the time they reach their third or fourth cycle, they might establish a pattern, but before that, it is too early to determine their heat cycle.

            Signs that they are going into heat

              One can not just time when their Australian shepherds would go into heat. To determine the correct stage and time, pay close attention to a few symptoms like;

              • Blood spots
              • Discharge
              • More urination
              • Loss of appetite
              • Latherginess
              • Being submissive around their male counterparts
              • Licking the genital area frequently

              The above facts are some of the common signs that might suggest that they are in heat or going into heat.

              How to take care of your Australian shepherd in heat

              As a first-time pet parent, you might know the best practices to follow when an Australian shepherd goes into heat.

              So, here are a few tips to help them get through their heat cycle comfortably and keep them in good health.

                Keep towels ready

                  In the initial cycles, you might not know how much they bleed or discharge, so having some towels in your hands reach would be useful.

                  You can lay these towels on their bed to make the space more comfortable for them.

                  Keeping towels in and around their bed will help soak in the blood, keep your home clean and minimize the risk of infections.

                    Do not let them wander out.

                      If your dog has the habit of wandering from your home and coming back after taking a quick walk around the block, then ensure that they do not go out alone at this time.

                      When they are in heat, their scent can travel exceptionally far and attract unwanted attention from their male counterparts.

                      Some male dogs might even try to jump the fence to get to a dog in heat.

                        You will have to deal with behavioural changes.

                          As the dog goes through different heat cycles, their mood might vary, often leaving pet parents confused. You must understand that going through mood swings is normal, and you must try to comfort her as much as possible.

                          It is possible that your dog might be craving affection even more during heat or not at all.

                            Consider using hygiene pants.

                              If your dog is bleeding too much during its heat cycle, you must consider using hygiene pants.

                              These are special diaper-like pants for dogs to soak up the blood discharge. This will help you clean your home and protect them from infection caused by excessive licking.

                              However, many dogs can not tolerate wearing one and will tear it apart as you put them on. But, you can try training them from a very early age, even when they are not in heat, and training will make it comfortable for them to wear the pants.

                              These are some things that you must know about the heat cycles of an Australian Shepherd.

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