Essential Things You Need Before Getting a Dog

Essential Things You Need Before Getting a Dog

Owning a dog is a bit like having a baby. You also need to prepare the essentials to ensure that you’re able to care for them properly. And if it’s your first time getting a dog, here’s a list of important things you need to prepare first.

Food and Water Bowl

Just like humans, dogs need a plate too to keep their food and water clean. Aside from that, the right food and water bowl also helps them eat slower, which prevents the risks of gastrointestinal problems and enhances their nutrient absorption.

There are different types of bowls in the market and each of them is made for different dog breeds. If you’re planning to get a dog with long ears, bowls with narrow openings are for them to keep their ears out of the way. Dogs with short snouts, on the other hand, require shallow bowls to prevent straining and unwanted pressure on their throat while eating.

Meanwhile, deep bowls are for dogs with long snouts. And if you plan to get a large dog breed, you’ll need to invest in elevated bowls so they won’t have to stoop and strain their neck while eating.

Dog Bed

It’s completely safe to sleep with your dog. In fact, research shows that it can even help you sleep better. However, your dog still needs a separate bed to sleep in.Like food bowls, there are also different kinds of beds made for dogs. These dog beds can give better support for your dog’s body. This way, calluses and joint problems are kept at bay. The right dog beds can also provide more comfort and support once your dog gets older. Their bed can help relieve pain, especially on their joints.

Collar with ID Tag

Your dog’s collar and ID tag are important too. They’re not just accessories like a human necklace but they can also help you identify and find your dog in case it gets lost. Additionally, this will help other people know if your dog has an owner and if it’s vaccinated.

Dog collars come in different types too and each of them has different purposes. A flat-buckle collar, for instance, is a great choice for securing your dog’s tag. A martingale collar, on the other hand, is for dogs with smaller heads or slender necks. A head halter is for training big dogs, and a body harness is for dogs with a delicate throat area.


Dogs shouldn’t be kept in cages or in your house forever. They also need to go outside to maintain their physical health. Hence, you also need a leash.With a leash, you can prevent your dog from trespassing on your neighbor’s property, prevent the spread of disease, and could even protect your dog from traffic, as well as other animals. The best part of it is that it can also improve your bond.


Like babies, your dog needs toys too. This will keep them distracted, so they won’t be chewing on your furniture and footwear, especially while they’re still young. Toys can also help your dog fight boredom when left alone in your home. It provides comfort when they’re feeling nervous.

However, note that there are certain toys that your dog shouldn’t have access to at all times. This way, they won’t lose their interest right away. This applies to interactive toys that keep your high-energy dog busy. But if your dog has a favorite comfort toy, it’s best to just leave it out all the time.

Grooming Supplies

Of course, you also need to groom your dog from time to time. This way, you can get rid of parasites like ticks and fleas. This will also help keep your dog’s coat in its best condition to prevent skin issues. Some of the grooming supplies you will need are a brush (which would depend on the type of your dog's coat), dog shampoo, dog nail clippers, tick and flea prevention products, a toothbrush, and a toothpaste.Note that you should only use grooming supplies that are specially made for dogs. This is because some ingredients, such as xylitol (found in human toothpaste), can be toxic for dogs.

Baby Gate

Dogs are always curious. Sometimes, they would even run fast out of the house if they see an opportunity. To keep them safe and to train them, installing a baby gate is a great idea. This will also give your dog a safe spot when you’re away from home.Dogs need some TLC too. So, before you get a dog, make sure to provide them the essentials they need.

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