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Useful Tips For Cleaning Up After Your Dog

Useful Tips For Cleaning Up After Your Dog

Cleaning up after your dog is one of the responsibilities you cannot avoid when parenting a pet. It’s also among the most crucial ones because hygiene affects your living condition and the pet’s well being. So, how can you make this chore less tedious?

Below are six tips to help you clean after your furry friend.

1.   Buy A Food Mat

Food mats are effective at managing the mess pets create while eating. The best pet food mats are designed to grip the floor. This allows the dog to eat without battling with moving bowls. The upper surface also provides a firm grip to keep food and water bowls in place.

For even better results, consider buying a rimmed tray. Then, deploy it around the eating area of the dog. Rimmed trays help contain the dirt created by your pet to a smaller area for easy cleaning.

2.   Invest In A Washable Dog Bed

Dog beds are notorious for harboring germs that can have a detrimental effect on your pet’s health. One of the best ways of ensuring this doesn’t happen is by investing in a washable bed. These beds are quite easy to clean.

Most of them also have sturdy and durable materials that prevent pathogens from getting and breeding inside the beds. Besides the obvious health benefits of washable beds, these materials are also very cost-effective. Just clean it as directed, and you will extend its lifespan for a long time.

3.   Groom Your Pet Regularly

Regular pet grooming is crucial for the overall well-being of your furry friend. In addition to that, grooming reduces some of the pet messes. For instance, by trimming their nails regularly, you will eliminate the scratches they leave behind on your floor and furniture. Their claws will also carry less debris from outdoors.

Brushing your dog also reduces shedding. This is especially useful if the breed sheds a lot. So, develop a proper grooming routine and stick to it. You may also want to consult your pet’s vet just in case your dog has special grooming needs.

4.   Get A Good Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Dog hairs can be very challenging to deal with, particularly if you’re parenting a shedding breed. In fact, some breeds shed hair almost round the clock. This means skipping a single vacuuming session could make your home uninhabitable.

And guess what? Dog hair is not the only thing you need to worry about. Pets will also bring lots of debris into the house every time they return from the backyard. An automatic vacuum cleaner can help you stay on top of this mess. It makes cleaning all the fur and debris feel effortless.

5.   Get The Necessary Dog Poop Cleaning Materials

There are various ways of dealing with dog poop. You can buy dedicated dog poop bags and pooper scoopers or use readily available household materials like newspapers and plastic bags. Whichever you choose, be sure to dispose of the poop properly. One effective way of getting rid of poop is burying it. This is a pretty straightforward option, but you must do it properly.

Don’t leave the poop too close to the surface. Dog poop can also be flushed down the toilet. But before you start flushing your pets’ poop down the toilet, make sure it is covered with a flushable poop bag. This is necessary to prevent direct contact between the poop and your bowl. Flushable poop bags are also good for the drains, so you don’t have to worry about any clogging issues.

6.   Keep The Dog Off The Furniture

Pets are lovely and all, but letting them play in your bed and sofa is never a good idea. No matter how hard you try, your pet will almost always leave debris and dog hair all over your furniture. Not to mention the damage that can happen if the claws are untrimmed.And if you are not performing your grooming duties, fleas and faces could soon find their way into your seats and bed.

You can easily avoid this by keeping your canine friend out of your furniture and especially the bed. As for the sofas, consider buying pet-friendly couches if you really want them on your seats. These sofas can be slightly expensive, but they are good against scratches plus some of them are relatively easy to clean.

Cleaning after your dog doesn’t have to be as stressful as some people paint it out to be. Sure, it requires a bit of effort, but once you take the necessary measures, the entire routine becomes seamless. Use the above tips as your guide, and you will soon get the hang of it.

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