Why Does My French Bulldog Have Pimples?

Why Does My French Bulldog Have Pimples?

The Frenchie dog breed is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. However, French Bulldogs can suffer from skin allergies because they are prone to many skin problems and allergies. Their skin folds can trap debris and moisture, and their hair can break due to rubbing.

In this article, we will discuss why your French bulldog may be suffering from pimples and what are the skin issues that affect the Frenchie dog and how you can possibly minimize or eliminatethem.

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Causes of pimples in French bulldogs

There are many reasons why Frenchies can get acne and pimples.

An environmental factor can be the cause of pimples; there are other factors such as poor hygiene, food deficiencies, cosmetic products, and bacterial infections.

Causes of pimples in French bulldogs

A hormonal imbalance can also be the cause of pimples. When French bulldogs are in a growing phase, like humans, they also suffer from pimples. It's easy to spot a pimples on the Frenchie dog's skin because it appears as whiteheads, red bumps, and blackheads.

Sometimes your Frenchie will be rubbing his/her mouth, face, and head on the floor mat which can also be the symptom. If you don't treat pimples in time, they can be very painful when touched.

Prevention and Treatment of pimples in French Bulldogs

Prevention and Treatment of pimples in French Bulldogs

If you see that your Frenchie has oily skin, he or she will likely suffer from dandruff and seborrhea. This problem occurs due to cosmetic products.

Change your dog's cosmetic products and choose an appropriate shampoo because Frenchie dogs have sensitive skin and don't react well to any artificial ingredients in the shampoo.

Select a shampoo that is rich in medicinal herbs because they are effective in treating blackheads in Frenchie. These medicated shampoos can prevent antibacterial infections and skin problems.

To avoid pimples on French bulldogs, you should improve their hygiene. If your dog's skin is producing excess sebum, consult your vet about special treatment. At some point, the vet may recommend a special shampoo bath to relieve pimples.

Your vet may also do an allergy blood panel test or recommend changing your dog's protein source to duck or even suggest feeding your Frenchie raw foods. There are many skin problems that a French bulldog can suffer from. Some of them are discussed below.

Dermatitis in French Bulldogs

It is defined as inflammation of the skin or dermis. Dermatitis is a common problem in French Bulldogs.

There are many causes of dermatitis that include food allergies or environmental allergies.

Dermatitis in French Bulldogs

At the beginning of dermatitis, you will see irritated red skin that will later progress to scaling, scabbing, and even pustules. Dermatitis is commonly seen in French bulldogs on the tail folds and nasal folds.

These are prime locations because they can easily trap debris and moisture and can get inflamed quickly. Occasionally, unpleasant odor and purulent discharge are also observed in these areas. Dermatitis can be avoided in these areas by keeping these folds dry and clean.

Clean the folds of Frenchie's skin with wipes or damp cloths. The treatment of dermatitis can also be carried out with oral antibiotics prescribed by your vet and with antifungal and antibacterial shampoos. Some topical solutions are also used to prevent this problem.

Skin problems in Frenchies due to fleas

Skin problems in Frenchies due to fleas

Fleas are very small and fast creatures, and you can see them jumping on your pet body.

Fleas are generally black or dark brown in color and have a flat body and are less than an inch in size.

When your Frenchie suffer from fleas, they will show certain symptoms like scratching; licking, chewing, and often seem restless. If you suspect fleas are on your pet's skin, you can check their fur for flea dirt.

Flea dirt looks like any other dirt on the skin and is small black flakes made up of flea droppings containing their blood and feces. You can use a flea comb to check your Frenchie's fur and if you see any black “pepper- like” residue, then your French Bulldog is positive for flea dirt.

There are many flea treatments available on the market, and a vet can recommend the best treatment for your dog. Some available flea treatments are flea repellent sprays, flea collars, and oral medications.

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Hot spot in French bulldog

Hot spot in French bulldog

Hot spots are commonly known as moist dermatitis, summer sores, or pyrotraumatic dermatitis. Hot spots in dogs are primarily caused by the licking and chewing behavior of your Frenchie. If French bulldog licks his or her skin aggressively, it will cause self-inflicted wound.

When the skin is damaged, it will be a perfect environment for bacterial infection. Furthermore, if their skin gets a little wet when swimming, a recent bath, playtime in the water, or a walk in the rain can provide a perfect environment for bacterial infection. Hot spots may look scary and worse than they really are.

The hot spot can be treated by trimming the hair at the infection site so that place gets enough air and any wounds dry quickly. You can also use antibacterial solutions to clean the area.

If the infected area doesn't heal quickly, you can also use antibiotics for treatment. If your Frenchie is continually chewing on the infected area, you can use "cone" or "e-collar" to avoid excessive licking or chewing on the area.

If you want to prevent hot spots on a more regular basis e-collar may not be sustainable as you can't leave your Frenchie with an e-collar all the time. In those cases we recommend organic hypoallergenic Frenchie pajamas for itchy pets or those with allergies.

doggie organic pajamas
Frenchie dog pajamas

Wearing the doggie pajamas will limit access to their skin. Having the skin less accessible can help to reduce irritation caused by scratching, along with a reduction in licking and chewing affected areas

Wearing dog pajamas can also limit your dog’s contact with allergens that make them scratch in the first place. Our soft organic cotton Frenchie pajamas provide a protective barrier between your dog’s skin and the outer elements that may contain irritants.

When you wash your dog's pajamas, you also wash away the dander and allergens rather than allowing them to settle in the air or spread it around on floors and furniture. We recommend having a couple in case one is in the wash.

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Skin problems in Frenchies caused by autoimmune diseases

In autoimmune diseases, a Frenchie body will attack itself for many reasons. Autoimmune problems can start due to medications, genetic issues, and at some point, the cause is unknown.

Skin problems in Frenchies caused by autoimmune diseases

In this disease, numerous cutaneous lesions develop on the dog's skin. At some point, the dog's immune system will attack its own RBCs and lead to a life-threatening condition.

This condition is often diagnosed by skin biopsy, and there is no adequate treatment for autoimmune diseases, only immunosuppressive drugs are used.

Ringworm in French Bulldogs

Skin Rash due to ringworm in French Bulldogs

Ringworm can cause skin problems in your French Bulldogs.

At first, a rash will develop as a result of a fungal infection, and then it will cause hair loss in a circular pattern on your dog's body.

The common signs that appear in the French bulldog that suffers from ringworm are scaling or scabbing lesions. It can also be contagious, so be careful when treating ringworm.

It can be treated with anti-fungal medications if the lesions are present at one point. Your vet may also recommend medicated shampoos and oral medications.

The Frenchie dog is a sensitive dog breed and can suffer from pimples and other skin conditions. If your Frenchie has any skin problems, you can try a more natural and holistic approach to treat your French Bulldog's skin, however, it is always important to consult with your vet.

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Frenchiestore Team
Frenchiestore Team

May 10, 2021

Hi Fernando,

Did you try to ask your vet for a full allergy panel? This will help determine what your French Bulldog might be allergic to that you can eliminate. Chicken allergies is very common in Frenchies and it might be better to feed your Frenchie duck as the main protein. Also please ask your vet to do a skin scrape test so your vet can give you the right antibiotics. It is possible your vet prescribed the wrong kind and this is why things haven’t gotten better. Hope this helps and this issue is resolved soon.

- Frenchiestore Team


May 10, 2021

Mi bulldog tiene 5 meses, tiene debajo de la panza un grano colorado que le supura, la lleve al veterinario y le dio antibiótico por 7 días, ya los termino pero sigue con lo mismo, que hago? ??


March 13, 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


August 15, 2020

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