5 Surprising Benefits to French Bulldog Pajamas

Dogs are equipped with their own furry outwear. One might ask do they really need to layer up? It’s usually a matter of personal preference, but there are also several benefits of dog pajamas and other pooch clothing that many people simply aren’t aware of.

Clothing for dogs isn’t just about making a fashion statement, though that can be reason enough for owners to splurge on a wardrobe designed just for their four-legged friends. But at Frenchiestore, we also know there’s a lot more going on with French Bulldog pajamas and clothing than looks alone.

Consider the following five benefits of Frenchie pajamas for your French bulldog and other canine friends:

1. Retains Body Heat

Most dog breeds can rely on a thick coat of fur to keep them warm during the winter. Dogs tend to bulk up when it starts getting cold, and will shed excess fur in the warmer months. However, for some dog breeds like the French Bulldog, pugs, boston terrier etc. fur isn’t quite enough to keep off the winter chill.

pug and a Frenchie wearing custom handmade dog pajamas from Frenchiestore

Usually, it’s the smaller breeds with shorter fur that need a little extra help. Dogs who are battling illness or recovering from a procedure can also benefit from an extra layer of warmth. This allows their body to retain more body heat and better use its resources for healing and energy.

But even though dogs may be fine to spend a little time outdoors in the winter with nothing but their fur, they may not have enough fat and or fur to keep them warm for hours.

Allowing your dog to don a pair of soft doggie pajamas provides an extra layer of snuggly warmth that can help them enjoy more time outside when it’s cold. They may be better able to regulate body heat while protecting them from the elements, including wind, rain, snow, and low temperatures.

One thing we made sure when making our specialty Frenchie clothing is that they can go potty with their pjs on.

organic frenchie dog clothing

2. Protects Against Scratching

Itchy pets, or those with allergies, will have limited access to their skin while wearing doggie pajamas and won’t be able to scratch. Having the skin less accessible can help to reduce irritation caused by scratching, along with a reduction in licking and chewing affected areas.

As a result, this can also reduce the amount of pet dander in your home that can irritate your own allergies.

3. Reduces Contact with Allergens

And speaking of allergies, wearing pajamas can also limit your dog’s contact with allergens that make them scratch in the first place. Our soft organic cotton Frenchie pajamas provide a protective barrier between your dog’s skin and the outer elements that may contain irritants.

When you wash your dog's pajamas, you also wash away the dander and allergens rather than allowing them to settle in the air or spread it around on floors and furniture. We recommend having a couple in case one is in the wash.

frenchie pajamas made by frenchiestore
Frenchie Pajamas Are Safe and Eco-Friendly

4. Frenchie Pajamas Are Safe and Eco-Friendly

Many of our customers are surprised to learn that we follow the same standards and regulations of tight fitting pajamas that are made for children. Kids’ sleepwear is a highly regulated industry, ensuring that clothing is made to reduce the chance of injuries.

The Consumer Product and Safety Commission highly regulates children's sleepwear in order to protect babies and kids from injuries. These strict regulations rightfully came into affect around the 1940s. During that time clothing and other children's apparel were made out of rayon fabric. A known fabric that is highly flammable. As a result, the Flammable Fabrics Act was put in place to regulate the manufacture of such fabrics.

As a rule, children’s sleepwear must either be flame retardant (which isn’t ideal because these chemicals can be hazardous to your health) or tight fitting. We choose the tight fitting option to avoid using heavy chemicals in our Frenchie clothing while reducing the air between the clothing and the dog's fur.

In true Frenchiestore fashion, all of our doggie pajamas and other clothing for French bulldogs are made with your pet’s health and safety in mind. We make sure to use only 100% organic cotton and soy based print to create a sustainable, chemical-free product. We also make sure the fit is snug following the same guidelines for our doggies as our human babies to keep them safe.

There are no harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritation or worsen your pet’s allergens, plus they’re easy to wash and care for to make them last a long time. Each of our pajamas slip on easily to allow for the best breathability, moveability, and comfort.

5. Looks Great in Holiday Photos

Family holiday photos with your pet or even pictures of your pet with Santa Claus (or is that Santa Paws?) are growing in popularity, so why not allow your precious pooch to dress for the occasion?

Our adorable line of Frenchie pajamas are designed with your French bulldog in mind, offering the perfect form and fit that will make your holiday photos sparkle.

two frenchie dogs wearing frenchiestore specialty dog pajamas under a christmas tree

Shop Frenchie Clothing for Dogs from Frenchiestore

From dog pajamas to health harnesses, Frenchiestore has you covered with chemical-free, eco-friendly clothing for your French bulldog or other breed dog. We consider all our pet customers as our very own pooches, and work hard to develop products that are safe to use  on our own Frenchie and enjoy sharing them with the Frenchie community we call our Frenchiestore family.

Shop our collections today and give your four-legged friend a new level of comfort!

French Bulldog Pajamas

Custom organic Frenchie clothing which was meticulously designed for your French Bulldog to provide comfort, prevent allergies and shedding.

Frenchie pajamas mint line comes in Black French Bulldog, Fawn French Bulldog, Cream French Bulldog and Blue French Bulldog.

French Bulldog Pajamas features:

  • 100% super soft organic cotton.
  • Size: most French Bulldogs wear a large. If your dog is larger than 32 lbs please purchase the XL.
  • Minimizes shedding.
  • Minimizes allergies. (we recommend taking your Frenchie on daily walks with our organic Frenchie clothing when seasons are changing to minimize allergies.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to sleep in, walk or lounge.
  • Our dog onesie is optimal for IVDD survivors or Frenchies that can't walk/ drag their lower body on the floor (prevents rug burns).

English Bulldog Pajamas

Custom organic English Bulldog clothing which comes in 5 different English Bulldog face colors.

Available in:

White English Bulldog

Fawn Pied English Bulldog

Choco Pied English Bulldog

Black Pied English Bulldog

Red Pied English Bulldog

English Bulldog pajamas

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