The Bulldog Derby 2020

The 2nd Annual Santa Anita Park Bulldog Derby 2020

What is the Bulldog Derby?

The Bulldog Derby is the ultimate Bulldog Meet up of the year. English/British and French Bulldogs of all shapes and sizes, both young and old, are invited to celebrate the breed.

What makes this event meaningful and unique?

This event came together to support local charities and dog rescue organizations. Through the proceeds of this event the Bulldog Derby is helping local dog rescues with adoption of their dogs and retired race horses live the best live they can.

This event is meant to bring awareness to the bulldog breed and help break down stereotypes of the breed, through the fun and entertainment of everything that the Bulldog Derby has to offer.

Official Bulldog Derby Trailer

When and where is the Bulldog Derby held?

The 1st Santa Anita Park Inaugural Bulldog Derby was held on Saturday, January 19th, 2019. The 2nd Annual Santa Anita Park Bulldog Derby will be held on Saturday, January 18th, 2020.

I have a different breed other than a bulldog. Am I still able to attend?

For the 2019 Bulldog Derby only English/British and French Bulldogs are allowed. For the upcoming 2020 Bulldog Derby, the event will allow - on a case-by-case basis other dog breeds into this event.

Why should every Bulldog owner attend?

This event is family-friendly, safe, sane, and enjoyable for all bulldogs and their owners! It is a celebration of the bulldog breed! A chance to make lasting memories, lasting friends, and furiends.

Getting the chance to see bulldogs do the unthinkable, the unusual, the unimaginable, is both motivating and entertaining.

There will be a variety of vendors to visit, music, festivities  bouncy houses for children, food trucks, a bar for guests 21+ years old, and Santa Anita Park race(s) betting.

The Bulldog Derby English British and French Bulldogs to celebrate the breed.

Pic courtesy of Pasadena Star News.

Can French Bulldogs attend the event?

Absolutely! At the 2019 Bulldog Derby event, a combination of 550 English and French Bulldogs attended (with the majority being Frenchies).

What should my Frenchie wear when attending?

For the 2019 Bulldog Derby, it was "Kentucky Derby" themed, which meant everyone, including bulldogs, came in dresses, and big colorful hats, and suits.

For this upcoming Bulldog Derby event the theme is rose parade. Any dog able to attend is encouraged to dress elegantly with rose-inspired attire. 

There will be a Bulldog Derby King and Queen crowning!

Can all types of Bulldogs participate in the race?

The Bulldog Derby have some limitations for bulldogs wanting to take part in the race:

  1. Must be purebred English/ British/ Olde English Bulldogs. or: purebred French Bulldog.
  2. Bulldogs must be older than 7 months (puppy) and younger than 5 years old (senior) in order to race (due to health and safety concerns).

There are other alternative festivities that other types of bulldogs/dogs can participate and enjoy, especially those dogs with special needs like:

  1. The Bulldog Derby King and Queen
  2. Bulldogs Got Talent!
  3. The Miss O'Malley Memorial Strut Your Stuff Walk
  4. Bulldog Wagon Parade

What organization(s) does the Bulldog Derby benefit?

The 2019 Bulldog Derby benefited the proceeds to SoCal Bulldog Rescue.

The 2020 Bulldog Derby supports the California Retirement Management Account for retired race Horses and the Protecting Paws Animal Rescue

Do you have special prices for tickets or an early bird special?

Early Bird special for general admission ($5.00) can be purchased by September 1st. After 09/01, general admission is $10. General admission includes 1 bulldog and 1 owner. Additional bulldog admission is $5.00.

Do you accept volunteers for the event? If so how do I apply?

Yes the event accepts volunteers.  To apply, visit and fill out the contact us form at the bottom.

Frenchiestore is a proud sponsor and supporter of the Bulldog Derby event. We encourage Bulldog owners to attend this fun, meaningful & special event. Not only it is filled with fun it is also held for a great cause.

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