French Bulldog puppy died in KLM Flight

Roger French Bulldog puppy that died in the KLM flight

Co- owner of Frenchiestore Evan Oshan is representing the family of the French Bulldog puppy that died in the KLM flight late July. The Frenchie died during an international flight from Amsterdam to Boston in a KLM flight.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines would not allow the puppy in the cabin even thought KLM airlines's policy states the airline will not transport French bulldogs, among a few other breeds in the cargo.

Upon discovering the Frenchie puppy Roger was dead he was brought to Angell Animal Medical Center for a necropsy. The findings were that the dog was left with no water for 18 hours.

"These areas are supposed to be climate controlled, they’re supposed to be pressurized, they’re supposed to be given water. Water - a basic necessity," said Evan Oshan, the family's attorney.

The Frenchie's death is under investigating by the USDA.



A French Bulldog dies on United Airlines flight after being forced into overhead bin


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