How to beat the heat with your Frenchie

How to stay cool in the heat with your Frenchie bulldog by frenchiestore

You see that adorable, squished little nose on your French bulldog? It makes you just wanna smother his/her nose in kisses, it’s just so dang cute. However, that very same flat facial shape – also known as “brachycephaly” – means that your sweet buddy is going to be extra prone to respiratory problems and overheating.

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With summer upon us, your Frenchie is particularly vulnerable to the hot weather. It is easy for Frenchies to accidentally overheat, which can quickly turn dangerous (leading to serious complications such as heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and death) if not immediately addressed. The signs of overheating can be subtle, too, making it especially important for you to stay vigilant in the hotter months.

Clues that your Frenchie may be overheated can include:

  • Panting or wheezing
  • Heavy breathing
  • Enlarged eyes, ears back, distessed look
  • Excessively floppy tongue
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Foaming at the mouth or drooling
  • Convulsions and seizures

To help keep your Frenchie safe, and protect them from the potentially life-threatening risks of overheating, try these tips to keep your four-legged friend cool and comfortable (and out of harm’s way!) this summer.

Keep them indoors during the hottest part of the day.

When the mercury is rising, you don’t want to expose your French bulldog to the scorching heat outside. Try to walk your Frenchie early in the morning, or later in the afternoon, to prevent them from overheating during the peak daytime hours.

If they must go out, don’t let them remain outdoors longer than twenty to thirty minutes at a time. Also do not let your Frenchie stay in your fenced yard alone outside in the heat. We have heard a tragedy happening this way too many times.

Always supervise your dog and if you see any of the warning signs above please be aware that things can decline quickly and you must act fast.

Do not EVER leave them in a hot car.

Hot cars are death traps for French bulldogs. Even if it’s just 70 degrees out, even if you're thinking 5 minutes will not harm your dog, it will kill your dog! It is a fact that your car can rapidly climb to a whopping 104 degrees in just a few minutes. Don’t think that cracking the window will help, either.

Your Frenchie is not able to sweat; instead, they pant to cool down. There’s not enough circulation in a hot car, and the trapped heat and air can quickly lead to their suffocation and tragic demise.

Feed your Frenchie cold snacks/food during the hot summer months

  • Ice - add ice to their water bowl often, or give them ice chips to chew on.
  • Dog safe frozen fruit - almost any fruit will do. Bluenjy's favorite frozen fruit treats are watermelon bites, blueberries, and bananas. Pro Tip: You can freeze bite size pieces on an ice cube tray and top with water to make fun frozen treats that are limited on sugar. Perfect for the high sugar fruit such as bananas, apples and mango.
  • Dog safe frozen vegetables -  like broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower provide a great nutritional value plus keep your dog cool.
  • Toppers - if you are used to topping your dog's food with yogurt, tuna broth etc. consider toppings that can be frozen.

frozen treats for frenchie dogs during hot summer months

Offer your French Bulldog water activities

Offer your dog a shallow pool under supervision off course since Frenchies are known to drown. A great way to get your dog cooled off fast is by letting your dog play with sprinklers or have a water gun fight.

You can quickly wash your dog in cool water if you see any signs of overheating. Pro Tip: Frenchies do not like hot water in the shower. Make sure the water is bordering cold. Never aim the water on the Frenchie's face while panting as this can cause a pneumonia episode.

a french bulldog playing with water

Keep them comfortable with cooling gear.

One way you can help keep your Frenchie cool during these warmer months is with special cooling gear such as our cooling bandanas which can help regulate your little pal’s body temperature.

They are simple to use and can help keep your Frenchie cool for hours. We have several adorable options from which you can choose. When going out in the heat we recommend placing your cooling bandanas under your Frenchie's Health Harness. Make sure the bandana is placed and covering their whole chest.

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Offer minimal bedding.

Now would be a great time to take away the heavy blankets, pillows and dog beds. You can offer a cooling pad, or a raised ventilated dog bed. 

Keep them comfortable with minimal wear.

Our Adjustable Health Harness is a great option for the naked feel. It is like putting a collar on your Frenchie without the risks of a collar.

a unicorn frenchie looking magical frenchiestore best harness for french bulldogs


What should I do if my Frenchie is overheating?

If you suspect that your Frenchie is overheating, you need to react quickly, as time is of the essence. Find shade and water. Use your Frenchiestore cooling banana to cool your Frenchie off. Offer your dog water to drink. 

If water is not available locate the nearest air condition. You can find an air conditioner in every car, building place of business. When locating the nearest air condition make sure to pick up your Frenchie and carry him/her. You don't want them overheating more.

We have mentioned in previous pawsletter about the lemon method. Only use the lemon method if your Frenchie is foaming from the mouth. Don’t hesitate to call your local vet to make sure that they promptly get the critical care they need.

By monitoring them closely, keeping them out of the sun during the hottest parts of the day, and outfitting them in cute (but protective!) summer gear, you can keep your Frenchie safe and out of harm’s way all summer long.

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