Women Sleep Better with Dogs Than Humans, According to Science

If you’ve dreamed of owning a bigger bed, new scientific revelations might be the incentive you were looking for. According to a recent report, women sleep better with dogs than they do with other humans.

The study was conducted by researchers at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY using the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index.

This model looks at a variety of factors that affect sleep, including how often a person has trouble falling asleep, how often you get out of bed at night, the use of sleeping medication, and how well you function during waking hours.

Those that slept with a dog woke up fewer times during the night and were associated with stronger feelings of security and safety.



Published in the Journal of the International Society of Anthrozoology, data from 962 women shows that 57% of women sleep with a human partner, followed by 55% that sleep with at least one dog and 31% that sleep with at least one cat.

To be clear, those who slept with cats did not acknowledge the same results. In fact, cats were discovered to be just as disruptive to sleep as a human partner, but developed fewer feelings of comfort and security compared to dogs and humans.

Though these are only the results of a single study, it may reveal what most of us dog lovers have known all along: dogs truly are man’s (and woman’s) best friend.

Surprised by this news? It’s actually a logical concept. Researchers believe that dog owners are usually on a stricter routine than non dog owners, which means they may be more likely to keep to a consistent sleep schedule.

To be fair, dog ownership isn’t for the weak. Your furry French bulldog needs food, water, medical care, toys, exercise, and plenty of love, and can require as much of a time investment as a real person. Of course, those who own Frenchies say the time and money they spend is well worth it.

French Bulldogs are easy to love and provide unmatched companionship, laughter, and memories. But let’s be honest, too: dog owners are usually more disciplined and attentive than those who don’t own dogs. When you’re caring for a living, breathing animal, you need to be!

Your dog may also get used to a consistent sleep schedule, which is particularly helpful if your dog stays indoors. This can help them develop good bathroom habits so that you aren’t cleaning up after them the next morning.

Dogs have been found to be less disruptive to the sleep cycle

There’s a strong argument for getting that bigger bed you’ve always dreamed of.

But most notably, consistent sleep is critical for getting a full night’s rest and feeling refreshed each morning.

Men Sleep Better With Dogs, Too.

There’s more good news: the study found that men can also benefit from having a canine sleep partner.

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Arizona conducted a study of 40 healthy male and female adults and found that those who slept with a dog in the bedroom got a better night’s sleep than those who didn’t.

To be fair, neither study took into account the type or size of the bed, the temperature of the room, or the time that each participant went to bed or woke up. These things can alter the results of the study, but who are we to ruin a good thing? The point remains: sleeping with your puppy or dog may offer a much-appreciated health benefit.

Is Your Frenchie the Cure for a Good Night’s Sleep?

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Melissa Baron
Melissa Baron

January 14, 2020

As much as I love my frenchie. His snoring keeps me up at night.

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