French Bulldog Miraculously Survives 6-Story Fall

Winston the Frenchie is one lucky dog.

The French bulldog plummeted from a six-story building in Manhattan's Lower East Side, and crashed through the sunroof of a car parked below.

His owner took Winston for a walk and when returning to her apartment he escaped her grasp and bolted up the stairs and out onto the roof through a door that was left open.

Then he jumped and fell six stories landing through a sun roof or a parked car with a terrifying crash. Heinrich added "In a panic, I rushed downstairs trying to prepare myself to pick up my lifeless dog."

When she reached Winston, he had a couple cuts and was hyperventilating, and immediately took him to the emergency vet services.

Winston had no broken bones, X-rays showed significant bruising to his lungs therefore he spent 36 hours in an oxygen chamber.

Winston is finally home, he is a bit stiff as expected but healing slowly every day. 

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