Our Epic Virtual Slumber Party

Our Epic Virtual Slumber Party

We had so much fun hosting an epic PJs slumber party. The event took place online on March 7th and overnight through March 8th celebrating our release of our new Frenchie PJ's line. Our brand ambassadors and reps personally invited guests to join us in our release. The invitees got a chance to have the pajamas prior to public release, test them out, take pictures and post during the slumber party.

A few years we started offering all organic dog pjs, we discovered the benefits of the pjs after getting several feedback from dogs that suffered from IVDD and allergies. We saw how much our pjs helped them prevent irritation to grass during their walks or irritation to the skin from rug burn for dogs that cant move their hind legs. This is the reason we decided to keep offering this product to our Frenchie community. We chose to make them even more special with a peeking Frenchie on the bum. We are proud to say this was our original idea from 2016 that has never been done before prior to us making these. Since then we have made a few batches, each batch consisted of different fabric and trim color. Each batch is extremely unique and one of a kind, we never restock or repeat same colors for the batches, it will always be a new variation. Lets take a look at some of our past batches:



Our new line consists of mint fabric black and white striped front sleeves and black trim. Our updated Frenchie bum has UV protection layer in order to make sure it lasts for years. We weren't surprised when we got raving reviews on the current batch, our Frenchie PJ's always received 5 stars ratings for as long as we have been making them.

The event was a huge success, all our invitees posted in their timeline and stories about the event and pictures of their friends wearing pjs. We featured 10 pics slideshows every couple of hours on our main account @Frenchiestore. At a certain point Instagram stories started failing since there were too many stories. It was official, IG hated us at that point.

Here is the list of our hosts, invitees, their cute Frenchie bum PJ's and some of the highlights of the event:
Host & Brand Mascot @Bluenjy
My highlight was seeing how this event brought people together and making new friends. I also loved seeing how much fun people were having with this event. Seeing fur babies watching a movie in our PJ's was everything!
Host & Brand Ambassador @Motorcityfrenchies
Host & Brand Ambassador @Colston_leonard_and_beckham
Host & Brand Ambassador @Itsashepshow
Host & Brand Ambassador @Bellalucia1026
Host & Brand Ambassador @Lily_the_masked_frenchie
Host & Brand Ambassador @Suzyg_stellablue
Our favorite thing from the PJ party was seeing all the cute pups and their tushies plastered all over IG all day long. We loved all the love everyone had for each other.

Such an amazing experience for us and Frenchiestore.

Suzy & Stella
Host & Brand Ambassador @Rykerandco
Invitee & Brand rep (soon to be promoted to Brand Ambassador) @Crush_the_frenchie
My absolute favorite part of the Pajama Party was the whole Frenchiestore community coming together to have fun, support eachother and match all the cuties in jammies! What a blast it was! It was so great having fun with old friends and making new friends!! Such an awesome Frenchie Fam!💙💙💙
Crush & Lindsay
Invitee & Brand rep @Strawsersfrenchbulldogs
Can’t express how much I loooved the PJ pawtyyy! I love all of the Frenchiestore family sooo much. It’s amazing how personable the brand is, as well as all of the followers. I thoroughly love everyone of the products. I wouldn’t stand behind this product if I didn’t. Can’t wait for the next PAWTY.💗🐾💗
Invitee & Brand rep @Bluewonderfrenchies
Invitee & Brand rep @Henrythecityfrenchie
Invitee & Brand rep @Denali_the_frenchie_pup
Invitee & Brand rep @Maude_celine_frenchie
Invitee & Brand rep @Coopandpipe
Invitee & Brand rep @Betsy_and_frida_frenchie
I joined the party because (a) i love the Frenchiestore and (b) wanted to be part of something bigger than just my little account. The PJs are precious and it was just fun to look forward to the mail, and to the group chats, and to the creative photo ideas everyone had! Being part of the pj party was the highlight of my week as I made new friends and I felt included in a great group of frenchie moms and dads.

One day I hope to be an ambassador for Frenchiestore!!

Invitee & Brand rep @Toronto_frenchie_chewy
Invitee & Brand rep @Jaxinthebronx
What an amazing night we had during the pajama party! Our favorite part was making new friends. By sharing our favorite pajama party photos and then getting ours shared back, we made a bunch of new friends in the Frenchiestore community! We even thought, “wow, why weren’t we friends sooner?!” Our other favorite part was simply wearing the pajamas!! Talk about snug and cozy. Also, a product that doesn’t make me itchy is hard to come by so wearing these all night comfortably was a huge plus! Thank you Frenchiestore and thank you to all of our beautiful friends for including us in such a fantastic night! Xoxo.
Invitee & Brand rep @Dante.and.chloe
Invitee & Brand rep @Cabernetthefrenchie
We joined the Frenchiestore pj pawty because everyone likes pj parties am I right? But seriously though, we love all our Frenchiestore gear, so when they came out with pjs there was no question in my mind that they would be pawsome.  They kindly guided us to picking out the perfect size.  It was easy to put on and take off, they are so soft and the colors are bright and quality is awesome as is all the rest of their gear. Well done once again frenchiestore! Keep em coming!
Invitee & Brand rep @Frankie_and_lucie
We felt honored to be apart of the PJ party! We loved getting to meet new furiends from the slumber pawty and getting to see so many cuties in the PJs!
Thank you so much for having us! We love you guys and your amazing product! It makes us so happy to be apart of your team!
-Mackenzie, Frank & Lu ❤
Invitee & Brand rep @Louieandlogan
Invitee & Brand rep @Pintsizedbuffalo
Invitee & Brand rep @Sally_the_french_bulldog
Invitee & Brand rep @Huxleyotis
Invitee & Brand rep @Oreo_theboston_terrier
We had such a great time! It is amazing to be part of the wonderful Frenchiestore community, meeting new furry friends and seeing all the beautiful pictures of all our babies. Oreo is a Boston Terrier but as a brachycephalic breed, has the same challenges that a Frenchie would face. This is why we love the Frenchiestore products and what the company represents. The PJs are amazingly soft and comfortable and Oreo loves to be in them day and night! We can't wait for the next pawty!
Hugs and Kisses - Oreo and Mom (Laurie)
Invitee & Brand rep @Frolickingfrench
Invitee @Brucelee_theasskickingfrenchie
Just wanted to say thanks so much again for including me and my frenchie, @brucelee_theasskickingfrenchie in your PJ pawty last week. We were so honored to be able to get our hands on your amazing PJs before they were released!

I’d have to say that my favorite thing about the party was the amazing community and collaboration we felt with our fellow PJ pawty friends! We absolutely loved connecting with all of our new buddies and had the best time seeing how adorable everyone looked in their PJs - they fit everyone so perfectly!

Thanks again for all the fun and we can’t wait to do it again!

-BruceLee & Maeghan
Invitee @Frankiedanger_frenchie
I’m Frankie Danger's mom and the highlight of our pajama party was hanging out with such great friends and getting to know them better, eating popcorn and snuggling with his monkey. 😬

Invitee @Itsroshi
Invitee @Niko.the.french
What I loved most about the PJ slumber party was meeting a bunch of new friends, and being welcomed into the Frenchiestore community with open paws AND of course, all the frenchie bums. Thank you for inviting us, and we cannot wait for the next event.
xoxo Niko
Invitee @Jaxfrenchbulldog
Invitee @Thefrederickfrenchie
The slumber party was an amazing opportunity to meet and interact with so many new friends! It was awesome to be a part of a supportive and fun atmosphere. And the best of all was adding these cute lil jammies to my wardrobe ;)
Thank you,
Invitee @Lifewithtinyhank
Invitee @Bubbas_crew
We’ve never been included in a virtual party or event before, this was our first! My favorite part was feeling like we are REALLY a part of a community. One that is so kind, supportive and just as crazy in love with their dogs as we are! Honestly, loved everything about it! Seeing all the adorable pictures was just the icing on the cake!!
Invitee @Baci_the_frenchie713
Hi! I’m Baci! I had so much fun at the Frenchie Store Slumber Party. The best part about the slumber party was getting to wear my comfy frenchie bum pjs and getting to meet so many new friends. Can’t wait for the next slumber party!
Invitee @Frenchies.du.chocolat
The thing we loved the most about the pajama party was being able to see all the messages from the other Instagram accounts. It was great to see everyone sharing, reposting, and passing along all the beautiful photos of their adorable pups.
Invitee @Sizzles_reel_cute
We were so excited to be included in the jammie party and meet so many wonderful new friends!! Thank you for hosting such an engaging event!!!
My favorite part was wearing my jammies all day even while running errands with my mama!! They are super soft and of course beyond cute!!
Tamara and Sizzle 💗

Invitee @Champthefrenchiee
Invitee @Bfrenchies
Invitee @Meet.mabel

Invitee @Corathebluefawnfrenchie

The best thing about the pajama party was being included in something fun and meeting new people who love their babies as much as I do.  Or from Cora’s perspective: I had a pawesome time with all my friends. We sure know how to PAWTY!!! 🐾 And, we all looked cute in our @frenchiestore custom PJs.

Invitee @frenchie.reg

@frenchie.reg enjoyed his first ever PJ slumber party on 7th March 2019. The most enjoyable part was meeting new furiends, and of course receiving my PJs just in time for the evening..they're so comfortable and glad so many people showed an interest just from the image I shared! Look forward to many more events to come..

Invitee @Itsbrunothefrenchbulldog

Thanks so much for hosting such a pawesome event! This PJ Pawty was fantastic and I loved seeing all of my friends come together to enjoy a fun and special night! From tons of Frenchie butts to lots of pupcorn and everything in between- I truly cannot wait for our next slumber pawty 🤗
Thanks again! 💙
It’s Bruno the French Bulldog 🐾

Invitee @butterbeanjohnson

Invitee @Threelittlesquishypigs


Invitee @Florabama.frenchies

Invitee @a_frenchie_named_tom_hardy

Invitee @afrenchieyodais

Invitee @Pippithefluffyfrenchie

Invitee @Bubbluvsgdub

Unfortunately we had a few guests overseas that did not get their pjs on time. We will update this blog and post their pictures shortly. @polly.pops.the.frenchie @muppetandbear @the_life_of_lampard


Our next PJ's party will take place on April 16, 2019 during National wear your pajamas to workday. We are gathering a list of participants. If you want to participate in our next virtual slumber party please contact us or one of our ambassadors or reps listed above on Instagram. We update details on the event on our secondary account dedicated to the pjs only. (@dogsinpjs)

We hope to see you in our next event!

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