Flying with your Frenchie 101

Frenchie flying in a plane

Last Tuesday afternoon a dog named Bear was found dead in KLM's cargo hold after a long flight from Amsterdam to Los Angeles. Bear was a healthy, happy puppy heading for his new home according to the devastated family now demanding answers.


After experiencing up close these dog deaths in the last several years and having close contact with the families most of these deaths have been somewhat preventable. We have gathered our thoughts and decided to share with you our tips and expertise when it comes to flying with your dog. We never want to hear of another preventable dog death again. We hope you read this guide and decide to follow our advice to prevent this from happening to you.


1.Only fly with your French Bulldog if it is absolutely necessary.

There are so many options to have your dog well taken care of without actually taking your dog with you. Now more than ever there are luxury pet hotels that you can leave your pet at and have complete peace of mind. If this is not within your budget you can leave your dog with a close friend, family member or neighbor. If you believe the person who will be taking care of your dog won't be able to take your dog for a walk you can hire a pet sitter or a pet walker. Apps have made it easier than ever before to hire a dog walker for your dog, However if all the above are not viable options please continue to read our tips in regards to taking your dog on a plane.


2. Use TSA approved pet bag.

Other bags might be cute but when it comes to safety and airlines please only use a TSA approved bag. They are allowed in the airport, aircraft, easier to move from place to place and have the appropriate ventilation.  Make sure the bag is the right size for your dog and use the sizing chart in order to determine the pawfect fit. 


3. Fly with pet friendly Airline

Please choose carefully which Airline you choose to board with your pet. Not all are equal and will treat you and your pet the same. Research the type or Airline and their reputation. Only fly with an airline that is pet friendly and will treat your pet as your family member.


4.Buy your French Bulldog puppy a ticket and let the airlines know your pet is on board.

Do not skimp when it comes to your dogs well being. Buy him/her a ticket and let the Airline know in advance you are bringing your dog. Bring a certificate of health from your dog's vet in case the Airline asks for this information. The TSA approved bag should have "PET ON BOARD" sign or flag but in the case you don't have it ask the Airline to clearly mark the bag that there is a pet.


5. Allow your dog potty time prior to boarding the plane.

Most Airports have a pet release station. We recommend allowing enough time between arriving and boarding the plane so you can make sure your pet gets their potty time. There will be less chances your dog will urine or defecate when the plane takes off or lands.


6. On the plane put your TSA approved bag with your dog right under your legs.

Your dog will be in the TSA bag for the flight. We recommend having a bag with an opening on the side and on top. Please listen to your dog during the flight and check on him/ her every few minutes. Listen if your pets breathing is normal or becomes more labored. We would encourage you to place the air vent from above aiming at your dogs head.


7. Bring travel water bowl for your dog on plane

Give your dog water during the flight when the aircraft serves drinks. Try to be discrete about it and only open the top of the bag and place your hand with the bowl inside the bag.


8. Buy a vet approved harness made especially for dogs with BOAS

When you are flying the typical cabin of a plane is dry and dehydrating. In fact the cabin is drier than most deserts with about 12 percent humidity. This is why it is crucial you use a special innovative harness that is made for dogs with boas.

9. Use your Frenchiestore dog cooling bandanas

If you notice your dog is panting it might be useful to use your cooling bandana to keep your dog cool and calm.

10. Examine your dog's personality

Is your Frenchie calm and easy going or is your dog anxious during car rides and meeting new people? You might need something extra to keep your dog calm. Consult with your vet prior to boarding a plane if a calming medicine is beneficial for your dog. 

11. Examine your Bulldogs' health

Is your Frenchie ideal weight? Is he eating the appropriate amount per day and getting proper amount of exercise? Calculate how much a French Bulldog should eat
Weight and body condition of frenchies french bulldog







Following the above tips we are confident your dog will be safe during a flight.


When we created Frenchiestore we made safety our number one priority, this is the reason we never used plastic buckles in any of our products. Dogs are dying every single day from preventable accidents. It is our responsibility to educate and bring awareness and together make a difference. When it comes to our pets they are our family and we need to do everything to protect them.


Please share this info with your friends and family members, together we can make pets safety our priority.



A French Bulldog dies on United Airlines flight after being forced into overhead bin

French Bulldog puppy died in KLM Flight

3 Responses

Mihaly Volosinovszki
Mihaly Volosinovszki

October 24, 2023

Im from Hungary Budapest!(Europe)i have a french bulldog and she is 11,5kg! So far i have not found any other airline then Norwegian Airlines which can only take my french bulldog in Cargo hold! The weight limit with all the airlines that I checked which flies in Europe mostly is 8kg! Can you please help me to find other airlines/ options to fly either in cabin or cargo with her?! Im desperately looking for those airlines but cant find any more options and with norwegian the price got insanely expensive! I appreciate your help! Please answer!!!!

Angelika Weyrich
Angelika Weyrich

August 10, 2021

Hi, I have 2 Frenchies, the problem I have is that airlines only accept up to 8kg in the cabin. Mine are 9kg and 10kg.
Basically there are to big for the bag that meets the measurements required.
My one frenchie Baffi gets separation anxieties and does not eat when I leave her with boarding. I really would like to bring my dogs..what are my options to get them on the plane as car is not an option for me? Can you help me
Thank you

Emma Murphy
Emma Murphy

September 21, 2020

My French Bulldog is 12kg. Do you know any airlines that allow dogs over 8kg to travel in the cabin. He is a very slim dog but just weighs heavy.

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