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Frenchiestore & Bluenjy the Frenchie as seen on the Ellen Degeneres show

Frenchiestore & Bluenjy the Frenchie as seen on the Ellen Degeneres show on June 10 2019.

Evan & Sunny Oshan talk about helping dogs with their Health Harness

"Our brand evolved over time to what it is today. When we first started we created and produced blankets, mugs, beach towels totes leggings, baby items, stationary etc. We always offered organic dog accessories in order to minimize skin allergies; pyjamas, hoodies and cotton lead sets.

After going through a few health scares with our own dog our main focus shifted to health conscious products for dogs. Safety is a large aspect of our brand as well as health and functionality.

Our goals are to continue to bring awareness of brachycephalic breeds as well as the dangers in dog accessories made with plastic. All of our dog accessories are proudly made with the highest grade and safest materials available. We want to continue to evolve, invent and supply the safest and best products for the pet community for years to come."

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Lifestyle expert, Valery Lodato shows us some Dad's Day gift ideas.

Best Frenchie Harness For Dads with 4 Legged Loves.

Frenchiestore Debuts Innovative Health Harness for Dogs with BOAS

"The Health Harness has a myriad of other uses. The front D ring makes it ideal for training dogs that like to pull, along with those that have aggression and dominance issues. It is equally effective for canines with arthritis, mobility problems, and dogs receiving water therapy.

Additionally it is beneficial for dogs with intervertebral disk disease (IVDD), those with a prior neck, back or spine injury, and blind or vision deficit canines that need guidance."

Frenchiestore in Modern Dog Magazine

Fall 2019 issue

The dog gear lookbook -
Your at-a-glace guide to the best stuff for your dog. Hypoallergenic Organic Hoodie.

Gift Guide -
Keep your pet safe & stylish with Frenchiestore's no pull, no choke, patent pending Health Harness! Each harness is reversible featuring 2 unique prints.

Frenchie Store | Review -Hot Mess Housewife

"Frenchie Store offers products that are very high quality, at a really great price. I was skeptical that Auggie’s big chest would be able to fit into a harness correctly (we’ve had some problems in the past). I tried it on him, and it fits wonderfully.

Years ago, when Marley was alive we went through many harnesses, finding one that actually fit him correctly. It was honestly impossible unless I spent almost a HUNDRED dollars on one. I never walked him on a regular collar, because I knew he could hurt himself if he decided to pull.

My Thoughts on Frenchie Store:

Honestly, I fell in love with the products from Frenchie Store. My favorite item is the Versatile Health Harness. It was the answer to a lot of problems. My other dog, who is an Australian Shepherd, I use the Adjustable Health Harness on. I am able to fit it specifically to him.

I also really loved how well the leashes are made. I have bought some in the past and within a few walks, the edges will start to fray. This was not the case with the items from Frenchie Store.

Overall I would really recommend all of the items from Frenchie Store. Not only are they very high quality, but the prices are also really reasonable. I highly recommend them, especially if you have a hard time finding a good fit for your wide chested dogs.

Plush Blankets, Pets, and Pumpkin Spice; OH MY - Beautybrite

"FrenchieStore offers the CUTEST options for your pets, Regardless of Breed.

Individually handmade, FrenchieStore offers the softest blankets in the most adorable patterns.

Ordering was a breeze, shipping was quick, and their representatives were all amazingly nice and helpful.

I opted for Pumpkin Spice Pupcup as I shamelessly go nutty for decorations during the holiday seasons.

What I didn’t realize, is that everyone from the dogs to the five year old were going to fight over who gets to snuggle it!

We even took this blanket with us to the beach. It was as versatile is it is cute. I laid it across the backseat to protect from claw mark damages and dog hair. When we got to the beach house, it protected the couches from the pup’s antics. At night, it kept my little Sophie warm while she slept."

Simply Southern Mom Kids Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Organic Frenchie leggings made by Frenchiestore - "Not only are they an adorable addition to any toddler’s wardrobe, but they are also machine washable and so comfortable that even the pickiest toddler won’t mind wearing them.

Organic Frenchie leggings made by Frenchiestore

Want a cute holiday photo idea? FrenchieStore also offers pajamas for your dog in a similar design, so your human baby and your furbaby can be Christmas card ready!"

Beautybrite review

"When we took our Foster Dog home, she had a basic collar and leash. I wanted a harness as it would safely and gently keep hold of her when we were out on our walks! The California Dreamin’ Adjustable Health Harness allows us to adjust to fit the dog! While our dog doesn’t pull or tug when on a leash, the harness is a safer choice. She does get antsy when she sees another dog!"

Beautiful Touches - Summer Travel Gift Guide

"Frenchiestore name is a bit deceptive because they offer products that can be used by many breeds of dogs.

But rest assured, those Frenchies, and other Brachycephalic breeds, are covered…which is what the Frenchiestore is really all about!"

Frenchiestore in Modern Dog Magazine

Winter 2019 issue

Keep your pet safe & stylish with Frenchiestore's no pull, no choke, patent pending Health Harness!Each harness is reversible featuring 2 unique prints.

The dog gear lookbook -
Your at-a-glace guide to the best stuff for your dog.
Organic French Bulldog Pajamas.

Lyric simone - Frenchiestore Health Harness Review

"When looking at the harness it is not like any other harness that I have seen. It is very well made and it looks like it is very sturdy and unbreakable.

It also looks very stylish compared to any other harnesses that I have seen. The materials are very nice and look very luxurious for an item in this price range."

Trending Dog Accessories That Are So Fetch - AOK Social

"From home decor to dog accessories, Frenchiestore offers seasonal dog accessories and bestselling designs to treat your pup.

O loves his Frenchiestore Breakaway Dog Collar in the Calfornia Dreamin’ design to match his luxury leash.

Frenchiestore Breakaway Dog Collar | California Dreamin'

He’s got pep in his step with these vibrant crisp colors. More importantly, this collar features an extra soft layer of fabric to protect his neck. The breakaway indestructible buckle is made with the latest safe technology and at this amazing price, it’s so worth it.

"Frenchie Pattern Luxury Blanket Frenchiestore - made out of Sherpa fleece, a luxurious fabric that has one smooth knit side with the design printed, and the other side features a natural colored texture intended to imitate the look and feel of a real sheep’s fleece. The Sherpa Fleece is an animal-friendly alternative without compromising the superior quality, comfort and feel."

Simplistically Living’s 2019 holiday gift guide

simplify your shopping by providing personal, thoughtful, and budget friendly gift ideas all in one place. Shop unique holiday gifts. Frenchie blanket with Frenchies & Frenchie blue French Bulldog car decal.

Product Review Cafe - Frenchiestore Health Harness & Leash Review

"Frenchiestore came to us at the perfect time when I was looking for a great harness for Athena.

She is somewhat of a puller, but also has grass allergies which means that her throat is a little on the sensitive side.

I don’t want to put anything on her that will be too tight on her neck.

Athena got the Mermazing Health Harness which is not only cute but perfect!"