Frenchiestore Affiliate Success

Did you recently join Frenchiestore Affiliate program?

Thank you for signing up to our affiliate program, your continued support and love for the Frenchiestore brand. Frenchiestore provides health conscious eco friendly and sustainable fashion for pets. Our number one priority is to provide safe & health conscious pet products.

We are so happy you are a like minded person and love your dog as much as we do. Keep spreading our vision, together we can make a change towards a safer and healthier pet products industry. We would like to welcome you to our Frenchie family.

How it Works

Loyal customer
You love Frenchiestore.

Promote Frenchiestore
You promote Frenchiestore to your family, friends, followers etc.

Sign up
You sign up to Frenchiestore Affiliate program.

Get paid
You earn 10 percent commission for every purchase you bring.

How much can I make becoming a Frenchiestore affiliate ?

All sales activated by your code or link earn you 10 percent commission of the sale. Your earnings are greatly affected by how much you love our brand, how much you promote on your social media and how often you post. Being genuine is important when promoting any brand. In a world saturated with options people are looking for good solid reviews and recommendations of others who tried the product already.

We want affiliates who absolutely love our brand and can recommend to others because they love the quality and safety aspects of our dog accessories. We love rewarding our loyal customers and friends that are constantly referring new people to our health conscious pet products. We consider you family and are very excited to offer this brand new opportunity to you!

How do I get paid ?

Payments will be made to you via Paypal monthly. When you first login to your dashboard please make sure you have your payment email updated. This will only have to be updated once. Your Paypal email for payment can be different than your account email. Both do not have to be identical. If you don't have a Paypal you can simply open one. Anyone that has an email address can have a Paypal account.

How do I get a short code?

If you have a specific short code in mind please email us at with subject line "Frenchiestore Affiliate program code request" so we can apply it to your account. Note that all codes will be in caps. Having a simple short code people can remember can be helpful.

Can I use my own code for my purchases?

Yes. If you use your own code it would discount the purchase price initially by 10 percent and you would get 10 percent in the end of the month so essentially you will have a 20 percent discount overall for your own purchases. Please note that purchases for yourself have to be on your account and to your shipping address.

Stay relevant & be patient

Keep up with us and our latest designs and products that are seasonal and relevant to your audience. The more products your promote the more chances people will see something they like and want to purchase.

Our affiliate program is not a get rich quick plan, but it provides an opportunity to make passive and extra income from loving our brand and sharing with others.

Tips for success:

  • Use both the short code and link on your social media profile. People will either click on the link or use your code at checkout. To add/ change link in bio of your Instagram page simply click on edit profile. There you can add the longer link in the "Website" section and add the short code in the "Bio" section.
  • Post often and genuine - tell people why you love our brand and why Frenchiestore health harness is the best harness for your Frenchie. Talk about the unique features we offer that other harnesses you tried didn't have.
  • Be helpful - if someone asks for sizing advice or specific question in regards to the product's feature try to be helpful or ask us so we can assist in answering their questions.
  • Be transparent - about affiliating with Frenchiestore. Your followers will appreciate your honesty and will feel better about contributing to your earnings.
  • Offer a bonus or incentive - extremely powerful tactic that can significantly increase the amount of affiliate sales you generate. Incentive ideas:
  1. Giving them a shoutout in stories.
  2. Posting a twinning photo of your dog and theirs on your wall.
  3. Sending them a thank you postcard and so forth... get creative!
  • Do you have a personal blog? Write a detailed review, include pictures and offer your readers your code and a link for them to purchase.
  • Add your affiliate code to coupon websites online such as: , etc.
  • Do you have a Youtube account? You can create a review video and insert your link to the video description.
  • Word to mouth - this is usually the best method. Tell your friends and family why you love Frenchiestore. Chances are you get complimented a lot when you walk through the door about your Frenchiestore gear, be ready to let people know at the dog park down the street or at the vet. Make sure to let them know how to tell us apart from others.

Success story

@jupiters_adventures is an affiliate for Frenchiestore. On the first 60 days of signing up to the affiliate program their account brought over 22 sales. Their success can be attributed to the consistency of their posts. Here is what they had to say:

"It's been an absolute joy being apart of Frenchiestore affiliate program. What we enjoy the most is being able to model a brand we love and use on a daily basis. Thank you Frenchiestore"