Adjustable Pet Health Strap Harness | RED WHITE FURRY

Size Guide

   Frenchiestore Strap Harness innovated design is vet approved & was inspired by our Frenchie for the health and safety of your pet.

Strap Harness features:

   NEW fuzzy like a cloud strap harness, chic environmental friendly and oh so luxurious !

   NEW hardware for ultimate strength.

   Front D ring for no pull no choke walk.

   Two breakaway buckles with the latest safe technology.

   Indestructible hardware - chew free, plastic free and eco friendly. 

   Neck, belly and chest straps adjusts to your dogs body.

NEW Frenchiestore hardware branding & engraved hardware.

   Size M fit all French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terrier or all other medium sized breeds.

   Frenchiestore® original, custom & vibrant designs.

Front D ring supports the mental and physical state of your pet:

  Training pullers, dogs with aggression or dominance issues, BOAS, IVDD, Arthritis/ mobility difficulties, Dogs with prior neck, spine or back surgery, vision impaired dogs that need guidance and others.

  For pullers we recommend pairing your Health Harness with the Health Leash for the best results. For non pullers match your Health Harness with the Luxury Leash. Size Chart Adjustable Pet Health Strap Harness | UniPup