Three Signs Your Dog Is Bored

Dogs are the most honest animals. Like human beings, your dog could also get bored while you are out for work. It's of utmost importance that you consider your dog's needs for companionship. You just don't want your dog to stir up some trouble whenever they are left alone at home.


There's no telling of the countless times you might get home and never receive a hug or a kiss from your dog. Your dog's choices can turn out to contradict yours, but this will only happen whenever they are bored and need some cheering up. Below are the three signs that your dog is bored.


1. Destructive Chewing

Dogs are good at chewing, and it is one of their best natural traits. Your bored dog could find it entertaining to put its teeth on whatever it finds around. Coming home to a tattered rug, a hole in the wall or a chomped-up sofa should not surprise you. It just explains that your dog has decided to have fun chewing items they found the most appropriate.


If you've constrained your dog in a crate,especially when on a long road trip, it's of utmost importance that they don't bite on anything that’s not food. You might interest yourself in these chew proof dog crate pad options from this trusted and reliable site. Such crate pads are indestructible while at the same time providing your dog with maximum comfort.
Frenchie destructive chewing

Below are other ways you can prevent your dog from chewing things around the house. These include:

     Exercise your dog

     Invest in dog chew toys

     Invest in dog restriction tools

     Supervise your dog

Barking and Whining to Seek Attention

2. Barking and Whining to Seek Attention

Boredom can take away the shyness from your dog. Because it wants your attention, your dog will nudge your hands, whine, or even grumble if you do not accord it the attention it deserves. Dogs know how to get attention from their owners, and they will demand it by barking or whining. When this happens, beware that your dog is merely letting you know that they are bored.


Some dogs will not bother to bark or whine. Instead, they will directly come right on to your laps or up to your face when they are bored. This is attention-seeking behavior, and it's a good indicator that your dog needs some cheering up.


3. Your Dog is Following You Around

When your dog suddenly follows you around everywhere you go, it can signify that the dog seeks some companionship. One thing to note is that you are your dog's source of comfort and entertainment. When you choose to walk around and exercise, go to the dog park, and your dog will love to get involved in your activities. Avoid your dog suffering from separation and anxiety by neglecting their needs. Get involved and help them to lead a fulfilling life by taking part in their everyday activities.

It is vital to cultivate a dependent relationship between you and your dog. This way, you will get to learn your dog’s behaviors, especially when they are out of tune. A closer observation of your dog's routine behaviors is an excellent way to identify whether your dog is bored or not. Therefore, you should figure out the appropriate activities that will help engage your dog when they are bored.

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