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Is a Frenchie the right breed for me?

October 09, 2016 1 min read

Is a Frenchie the right breed for me?

French Bulldogs have a unique personality than other breeds and it is recommended you learn more about this breed before getting one. Society stigmatize them as a lazy low maintenance small breed you can just carry everywhere. This is far from the truth. 

French Bulldogs often require as much attention as a newborn baby. If you cannot devote the time and energy not you nor the dog will be happy in that situation. They are very good in apartment settings and do not require a big place or yard.

If you work most of the day, and planning on leaving your Frenchie at home alone until you come back, please re-think getting this breed. It is too often that this breed is being surrendered due to the inability of spending time with the dog. French Bulldogs will get angry and destroy things to get your attention if you are ignoring them or not there for them.

If you are a stay at home mom/dad, work from home, or have the option to take your Frenchie to your work, it might be a good fit. If you are retired, and want a great loving companion this might be the breed for you.

Please research this breed before getting a French Bulldog, it might be the best or worse decision you'll ever make and it all depends on your circumstances.


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