Itching paws? We have some recommendations!

September 27, 2016

does your frenchie have itchy paws?

Is your Frenchie seems to be itching licking & biting his/her paws a lot? It even looks like it is an obsession. French Bulldog are the type of breed that  suffer from allergy problems quite often. 

The changing seasons can also play a major role in this, so if you are a new Frenchie owner just because your puppy didn't seem to have an issue last summer doesn't mean that allergies won't develop next season.Be sure to be on the look out for any signs or distraught in your Frenchie.

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If your dog is exhibiting any of the above mentioned issues you may want to consider a foot-soak.

Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian discusses about pets foot soaks.

Mix povidone iodine and water until it looks a bit cloudy, and soak your pup's paws 5 minutes. You can find povidone iodine pretty much anywhere that has a pharmacy or you can get it online.

It kills germs & burns. It's anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, It will NOT irritate your dog in any way and it doesn't stain. A completely safe method to give your dog some relief and comfort!

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