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How to Stop your Frenchie from Marking your home

How to Stop your Frenchie from Marking your home

As dog owners, we are all too aware of the occasional accidents on our rugs, cabinets or just surfaces in general. While urination while potty training your Frenchie puppy is completely normal and acceptable, marking your home when they are a bit older is not.

The difference between the two, is that, urination is to relieve the bladder of the sensation of being full, while marking has nothing do with relief. Instead, your Frenchie releases a small amount of urine to mark territory.

Marking is mostly common in maleFrenchies but females could also be guilty of this. Marking typicallybegins at puberty and for Frenchies, that’s around 6 months of age. Whenmale Frenchies begin to mature sexually, the increased testosterone canencourage marking.

Somepeople assume that the easy solution could be neutering or spaying yourFrenchie but dogs may still urine mark, regardless of being altered ornot. Which is why as with a lot of things, training goes a long way inpreventing this unwanted behavior in your French Bulldog.

Ifyou’d like to know how to stop your Frenchie dog from marking yourhouse, you are in the right place. But we should first consider why yourFrenchie might be marking.

Is your Frenchie peeing on your bed?

Why Do Frenchies Feel the Need to Mark?

French Bulldogs urine mark their territories for all sorts of reasons, though in some cases it could be more of a medical issue than territorial marking.

  • If they are new to your home -  this is pretty easy to understand as your new Frenchie would want to mark his new home as his territory. Putting his/her own smell on the new surroundings enables them to relax and get comfortable faster. This phase should pass quickly but if it doesn’t, you may need to consult with a dog bahaviorist. This is to avoid it becoming a norm. 
  • After a stressful day at the vet -dogs in general are usually traumatized or anxious after a visit to the vet. Each Frenchie is different and could release at home after an anxious experience.   
  • If there’s a new family member, human or canine - Frenchies like to show that they are in charge especially to new arrivals. This could be other pets or other dogs; it could be a new roommate or even a baby. Although this doesn’t tend to last very long but dogs like to act like pack leaders.
  • If they aren’t spayed or neutered -  if your Frenchie isn’t spayed or neutered and you’re not planning to breed, you should consider it. Altering your Frenchie might eliminate the issue of marking in 50 to 60 percent of dogs. Although it may not be the root of the problem as a male Frenchie can still mark after being altered. 
  • Contact with unfamiliar smells or objects - your Frenchie can territory mark because of contact with new or unfamiliar objects in your house. It could be a new piece of furniture, perhaps a new carpet, a new dog bed or even something a house guest brings with them. 
  • Separation Anxiety - Frenchies are people dogs, they do not do well with being left alone for long periods of time. They crave companionship and our absence can stress them which could bring about separation anxiety. This could result in territorial marking and destructive behavior. 
  • To exert dominance - this reason for marking can prove to be very problematic as it suggests that your Frenchie thinks they are the dominant one and the pack leader. This marking is usually accompanied with bites, nips and growls, it needs to be addressed immediately. You should never let your Frenchie think they are in charge; we recommend getting professional trainer involved.
  • UTI - these small deposits of pee could also be as a result of medical problems like Urinary Tract Infection or incontinence.

Did you know ? Urine contains a lot of chemicals that provide criticalinformation concerning a dog’s gender, age, reproductive status etc. –all which can be very important...if you’re a dog!

What to Do to Stop your French Bulldog from Marking

What to Do to Stop your French Bulldog from Marking

You should know that when your Frenchie urine marks, they are not beingvindictive or trying to get back at you. Rather, you should try tofigure out the cause of this behavior as it is unhygienic. To stopterritorial marking in French bulldogs, here are some things you can do:

- Clean up immediately to prevent repeated marking:

Once you see the urine marking, you should clean it up. By doing this, you are removing the inclination for future marking.

However, soap and water will be insufficient, you need a cleaning product that is specifically designed for urine removal and is pet friendly.

- Keep your Frenchie away from previously marked areas

If your Frenchie has already marked a spot, chances are he/she would want to return to that same spot and do it all over again.

After cleaning the area your Frenchie marked, restrict access to it.

This could include useof baby gates or crates

Dog Belly Bands for Male frenchie Dog might solve the issue

  Male dog Belly bands wrap around your French Bulldog's  

  belly and will prevent him from marking around the house.

  When your Frenchie is wearing the belly band and he

  urinates, the belly band will function like a diaper and

  absorb the urine.

  The feeling of being wet is uncomfortable for your French

  Bulldog and they will naturally stop marking.

Dog Belly Bands for Male frenchie Dog might solve the issue

How to Stop a Male Dog From Marking at a Female Dog's House : Dog Behavior & Training

Stop a male dog from marking at a female dog's house with help from a certified dog behavioral therapist and master trainer.

What to Do to Stop your Frenchie from Marking

- Restructure previously marked areas:

If your French bulldog keeps trying to mark a particular area, you could restructure it by placing their toys and food or treats there.

Frenchies don’t like to mark an area that they are fed or sleep at. By re directing them in this manner it sends a strong signal that the area they marked is for a different purpose.

- Give a lot of attention and toys:
If the markings occur because your Frenchie feels threatened by a new family member, spend a lot of time with him or her. You need to reassure your Frenchie often. 

- Show them who is in charge:
If your Frenchie is urine marking to prove they are in charge; you need to change the narrative. The best way to do this is efficient and effective training, be firm. Once your Frenchie is taught to sit, stay, come, not jump and not bite, you’re halfway there already.

Frenchies like and respond very well topraises and rewards.

 When they go potty outside,reward them right there and then, it encourages them.


It is possible your Fremale French Bulldog is marking because she may be coming into heat.

What are the signs that indicate my Frenchie is in heat

  •     Swollen vulva and possibly discharge.
  •     Mood swings such as nervous, or aggressive behavior.
  •     Urinating more frequently.

If the markings are due to an uncontrollable bladder or UTI, you should speak to your vet. In fact, it is advisable to consult with your vet immediately you notice these markings. In most cases, it is pretty easy to figure out the reason for these markings and take steps to prevent them.

Do not scold your Frenchie

It would be difficult for a dog to registerthat you are punishing him for something he did minutes or hours ago.Yelling or punishing your Frenchie only makes them scared and can worsenthe issue.

Ifyou have any further questions abour how to stop French dog markingplease contact us or leave a comment below and we will do our best toaddress your question.


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