How To Prevent French Bulldog Theft

French Bulldog Theft

French bulldogs are one of the most charming and endearing dog breeds. Their fun, amusing and loving nature has secured them 2nd place inAKC rankings but 1st in the hearts of many despite the high cost of purchasing and maintaining them. 

One would think that the myriad of health problems that French bulldogs are prone to would deter potential buyers. But that is not the case; this particular bat-eared adorable canine can seem to do no wrong except spark fierce love and devotion, of course.  

Sadly, this endearing breed has been the target and victim of several dognapping, especially in recent times. According to the AKC, French bulldogs are high-value dogs that are easy to grab and run away with. 

Unfortunately, these dog nappers do not steal the Frenchie because they are adorable, although that doesn't reduce the crime in any way. Instead, they steal because French bulldogs are expensive. A French bulldog puppy can cost between $1500 to $5000 or even more. The exact price is often determined by markings, coat color, bloodline and the type of breeding. 

This high cost is mostly and majorly due to the expenses of raising and breeding this dog breed. The higher the quality of breeding, the higher the costs incurred. Mating, pregnancy, and reproduction of a French bulldog require a lot in both care and capital. 

Although adopting a French bulldog is often cheaper, there is usually a lot of doubt about their health and general wellness. So, in the long run, you may often incur far more expenses than the price you got your Frenchie for. 

As owners and lovers of French bulldogs, the thought of our Frenchies being stolen can trigger a tinge of anxiety. While a bit of fear is healthy, too much can be paralyzing. To keep your French bulldog safe, you need to remain calm, alert, and very observant of your surroundings. Just like you would if you had diamonds. 

If you own a French bulldog and you would like to know how to ensure the safety of your French bulldogs, here are some safety tips and advice you can follow.  


Frenchie Thief

Micro Chipping and Identification Measures 

Microchiping your French bulldog and ensuring that all the data is up to date is, at this point, more than a good practice; it is a necessity. And in the UK, it has become law. Although this would not prevent your French bulldog from getting stolen, it means that your French bulldog's ownership can be traced back to you. 

So, if your Frenchie was indeed stolen, their microchip can be scanned and your details found. Scanning microchips is a standard veterinary procedure; even if your dog were not taken to the vet but found by the police or other official bodies, the microchip would be scanned. This is why all your relevant information must be accurate and up to date. 

Putting a collar on your dog can be more than a fashion statement. Including identification tags in your Frenchie’s collar will identify your dog as owned, while lack of a collar may pass across that the dog is stray or in need of an owner. Again, this is not a surefire way to keep your Frenchie from theft, but it will at the very least deter any opportunistic thieves. 

You could also consider using a pet tracker. There are many different kinds available, and though it may seem a little bulky when it is attached to the collar, it is for good. These trackers link up with the phone app and inform the owner of the dog's whereabouts at random intervals. So even if the thief can dislodge the tracker, it can at least give you a chance to trace your Frenchie to a point and help the investigation move along faster. 

Taking a clear and detailed picture of your French bulldog is also an identification measure that should be taken seriously. This picture is different from the ones you take because he looks cute. The picture needs to show his exact features, take a range of head-on and side view pictures that clearly show his color and any distinctive markings. 

If your Frenchie changes color or appearance as they get older or throughout the year, then you should take pictures as frequently as the change occurs. You must have updated and useful pictures of your Frenchie buddy if you ever have to put up missing photos. 


Keeping Your Frenchie Safe From Opportunistic Thieves 

It is effortless for French bulldogs to become the victims of opportunistic theft. A potential thief might spot your Frenchie, see that he is unguarded and make a snap decision to take off with him. To reduce and avoid this occurrence, you can do the following: 

  • Always keep your dog within your sights and earshot. It is inadvisable to leave them unattended and without supervision. Even if you have to quickly pop into the grocery store to pick up one item, do not leave your Frenchie unattended to in the car. Someone might decide to cart them away, and people are not above breaking your car window to get to your Frenchie. 
  • Make sure that when you let your French bulldog out into your garden, backyard, or front yard, they are securely fenced in. This ensures that they don't get wanderlust and that no one can reach over to pick them up. You cannot drum the warning "stranger danger" into your French bulldog, but you can put alarms or gates that will alert you if someone walks into your yard. 
How To Keep Your Frenchie Safe

Keeping Your French Bulldog From Targeted Theft 

It would be best if you remain vigilant and observant, especially when looking for the services of a dog groomer, walker, or sitter. Please make sure that the image being projected to you is who they are; they should provide references and have valid ID. 

If possible, get referrals from people you trust. This is because thieves can often pose as though they are offering dog-related services to establish sufficient trust to execute theft. 

You should also apply this same rule of vigilance and observation to when, how, and where you take walks with your Frenchie. But, again, it is essential that you switch up your routine and not get predictable to avoid anyone mapping your Frenchie’s movements. 

Staying tight-lipped will also go a long way in keeping your dog safe from targeted theft. So often, dog lovers will walk up to you and want to pet your Frenchie, coo at them, and all of that stuff. 

It is often without any ulterior motive, but when the person starts asking personal questions like where you stay, how much you got your Frenchie for, neuter status, or any other intrusive and personal questions like that, you should be very wary. 

If you breed your French bulldog or you breed French bulldogs, it would be best if you considered that thieves pick potential targets from a puppy for sale ads. Ensure that any prospective buyer does not have free access to your home, check their details, confirm and reconfirm. 

Stay alert to any strange questions or anyone who seems to be just as interested in your home security as they are in your French bulldogs. Of course, you can report any suspicious activities or inquiries to the police, and it is always better to be labeled paranoid.


In Conclusion

It is possible to go on and on about every likely scenario that thieves may target, but sometimes, the worst does happen, and the Frenchie is stolen. If this happens, reach out to the authorities immediately, spread the word, and ask anyone to alert you if they suddenly notice a new French bulldog in their area. 

Paste pictures of your Frenchie everywhere, circulate their details, and get friends and family to spread the word. This broadens the chances that someone will spot your dog and let you know. The faster and broader you extend this information, the higher the chances of getting your French bulldog back safely. 

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