How often should I wash my Frenchie?

How often should I wash my Frenchie?

As all dog owners know, it’s not often that your canine companion stays clean for very long. So one of the most frequent questions dog owners ask is, “How often should I bathe my dog?”.  This is a good question because the answer depends on many factors: the breed of the dog, size, medical conditions, and how active the dog is. 

If you have a French Bulldog, the2nd most popular dog in the US, the answer becomes much more interesting. The French Bulldog is a crossbreed between Toy Bulldogs from England and Ratters from France.

French Bulldogs have a single short coat of hair. They get cold quickly. During summer, they are prone to heatstroke because it is hard for them to regulate their temperature efficiently. Also, their skin is too thin, and bathing them regularly can strip their skin of its natural oil.

Therefore, it is crucial to have all the necessary information you need to determine how often to bathe your Frenchie. You also need to know how to wash your Frenchie properly and keep them clean between baths. Follow this article for a comprehensive guide.

A general rule of thumb

Frenchies should be bathed once every 1 to 2 months. Although many French Bulldog owners say they wash them about 5 or 6 times a year, or as needed, most owners find the as needed comes more often than 5 or 6 times a year. You don’t want to bathe Frenchies too often, or you’ll risk stripping their coats of their natural oils. If you have a Frenchie that loves rolling in the dirt, you may find that more frequent bathing is necessary; each Frenchie is different.

Consider your French Bulldog’s activity level

Does your dog love to roll in the grass? Does it act as messy as a piglet? If you need to clean not only his paws but also his fur when you get back from the outside, then you have full hands of works. Since it’s not healthy to bathe your Frenchie every day with water and shampoo, you should consider other options for cleaning. 

As a replacement, you can use a dry cleaning foam and wet towel that will help you remove all the dirt from their fur. Use products suitable for sensitive skin and rich in herbs that provide essential and healthy moisture. Check the section on keeping Frenchies clean between baths for more.

Consider your French Bulldog’s skin type

Another important fact that helps you answer the question ‘How often to wash a French bulldog?’ is your dog’s skin type. Does your dog have dry and flaky skin? Is the skin sensitive?

If your dog developed any of the previously mentioned issues, it would be best if you consult with your vet before determining the frequency of baths.

If your dog does not have any serious issues, you can bathe them with shampoo and water once per month. Frenchies have numerous folds that require to be cleaned in the meanwhile. They can collect dirt, moisture, and food leftovers that may trigger severe irritations.

The flip side is that Frenchies have oils in their skins, just like all dogs do. It keeps their coat healthy and their skin healthy too. However, because French Bulldogs have short coats, it’s very easy for those natural oils to be stripped away by bathing and cleaning products.

What about a French bulldog with allergies?

If your Frenchie has pre-existing skin allergies, it would be best to defer you to your veterinarian. They would determine the cause and treatment and what works best for your particular dog.

Making sure your Frenchie has a good bath

If you’re like most dog owners, bath time is not your favorite time. However, once you’ve decided to bathe your Frenchie, you want it to be worth your time and want to make sure it’s a good one.

Here are some tips for making bath time a success.

Use a dog shampoo for sensitive skin. Take your time, and don’t rush the dog. Clean the ears, and wash any gunk from around the eyes. Gently lift the skin and clean inside your Frenchie’s wrinkles. Make sure you thoroughly dry the wrinkle area.

If your Frenchie has tear stains, you can remove them with an appropriate cream. Wash the dog’s nose, and apply a little Vaseline if it appears dry. Wash and clip the dog’s nails. Be sure to wash the dog’s rear end by the tail.

How to keep Frenchies clean between baths

Fun fact: your Frenchie dreads bathing just as much as you dread bathing it. With that in mind, you’re going to want to keep them as clean as possible in between baths to avoid having to wash them any more than possible.

Here are some methods to keep him clean and keep the need for bathing down to a minimum.

  • Brush Regularly – The more often you comb/brush your Frenchie, the better he’ll look. Most owners think that because of their short coats, Frenchies need not be brushed, but it’s an essential part of the grooming process. 
  • Clean Their Ears – This will prevent odors and painful infections.
  • Clean Their Mouth – To prevent your dog from stinky “doggie breath,” give them dental chews and consider brushing their teeth with canine toothpaste.
  • Clean Their Tail Pocket – Clean the area around the tail, especially if it smells. 
  • Doggie Sprays – Doggies sprays are like human perfumes but specially crafted for dog hair. They work great for keeping your Frenchie smelling good.
  • Dry Shampoo – Apply dog-friendly dry shampoo on the dog and brush it out. This is great for keeping them smelling great. A homemade combination of cornstarch and baking soda works just as well.
  • Keep Their Bedding Clean – You can’t expect your Frenchie to look and smell good if they sleep in a dirty, smelly bed.
  • Pet Wipes – Pet wipes are an excellent touch-up cleaning option for French Bulldogs. These are excellent for keeping your French Bulldog’s body and wrinkles clean and smelling good. Purchase ones with natural ingredients to avoid any allergy or rash on your French Bulldog’s skin. Also, avoid getting them in the dog’s eyes.
  • Watch out for wrinkles and paws - Wrinkles can be a prime area for infections when they are moist, so you should dry them off with wipes or tissue. Make sure you don’t leave any moisture behind in these areas! Also, make sure to dry the gaps between their toes.


To conclude, how often you bathe your Frenchie is all down to an as and when basis. If your French Bulldog is covered in mud and stinks, he needs a bath – no argument.

However, with lighter dirt, just brush it off and possibly use a good dry shampoo product. The less often you bathe your French Bulldog with water and cleaning products, the less their natural oils, skin, and coat will suffer. 

Also, bathing your Frenchie and keeping him clean doesn’t have to be as difficult as many owners think. Frenchies are trainable. Starting them off at a young age can make all the difference in how they accept the bathing process.

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william  lawrence
william lawrence

October 03, 2022

These are really helpful hints for a 1st time fresh bulldog owner

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