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6 Facts You May Not Know about French Bulldogs

6 Facts You May Not Know about French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are increasingly becoming one of the most popular breeds among dog lovers all over the world. These adorable pups come in handy sizes, and dole out ample amounts of love. Apart from their smiley face and little stature, many people don’t know a lot about these furry bundles of love. Here are six fascinating things you probably haven’t heard about Frenchies.

1. They are English not French.

The French bulldog has originated from England where they were first bred. The French Bulldog soon gained popularity among the elites and middle class of France, with many Parisians owning one as a lapdog. Eventually, the Americans bred them and gave them the now famous bat ear, a distinctive feature of Frenchies. This makes the French bulldog an international breed. So, when you hear French Bulldog or Frenchie, don’t confuse their origins for France.

2. Frenchies are emotional.

Because they were bred as lovable lap dogs, Frenchies tend to emotional to a fault. Emotional in the sense they can become moody if you scold them for doing something wrong. Have you ever seen a dog make a face before? That’s a common feature of a French bulldog. They smile, pout and even Frenchie talk to let you know how they feel. If you have a French bulldog, the best you can do is provide loads of positive encouragement as possible while reducing punishment and negative feedback.

3. They are vocal.

The Frenchie doesn’t have a big bark, but it makes a statement. From howls, growls, gargles, yips to yawns, these lovely animals are talkative and will always have something to contribute to family discussions. So when you are feeling lonely or need a companion to sing along with you, these garrulous pups will support you with their unique doggy sounds which if often referred to as the Frenchie talk.

4. They will sink in water.

While many dog breeds love frolicking in water, the Frenchie is an exception because it is a brachycephalic dog. Brachy dog breeds have a big head and a short skull with tight nostrils that make respiration difficult, especially in water. So, if you are going near water for any reason, keep a life jacket/vest on your dog and pay close attention. Always keep them cool on a hot day to avoid obstruction of breathing.

5. French Bulldogs do not do well in flights.

Because of their respiratory system, which causes a condition called BOAS, brachy dogs such as the French bulldog have difficulty breathing at heights. When you are going on a trip that requires flights, consider handing your Frenchie to your dog-loving neighbor or hire a dog sitter to keep him happy while you are away. If you have to take your Frenchie on the trip consider these tips we previously mentioned.

6. Extremely brave.

They may have little stature but they are bigger than life. We have posted several videos on our Instagram (@Frenchiestore) that prove they really are not scared of anything. In one video the Frenchie was chasing 2 bear cubs out of the front yard, in another video the Frenchie was barking at a lioness through a glass window. Both videos will make you hold your breath but one thing is for sure, Frenchies do not think they are small and do not show any fear whatsoever.


We would like to hear what you think we may have missed above that surprised you about your Frenchie. Feel free to email us Hello@Frenchiestore.net

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Irina Colella
Irina Colella

April 14, 2019

Thanks for all the great fun facts about Frenchies and all the wonderful information about allergies. Keep these post coming they’re informative for us frenchie lovers!

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