230 + creative Frenchie puppy name ideas for 2019

Are you adding a new Frenchie puppy to your household? First thing on the agenda is naming your new dog. A name is important to choose right away to avoid confusion when you are trying to train or call the puppy.

It is best you stay away from names that are the same as people in your household. If there is a human in your household named David you don't want to name your pet the same as it will create confusion.

If your dog had a previous name that you’d like changed start by saying the new name along with the old name. Repeat this often until the dog focuses on you consistently. Then, omit the old name and begin using the new name exclusively. Reward accordingly.

Try to avoid names that sound like commands such as: no, sit, stay etc. (i.e : "Bo" is too similar in sound to "No").

Pick a name that is unique, easy to recognize by your dog and most importantly you are proud of. We prepared a list of over 230 unique names based on your Frenchie color that might inspire you.

White or Cream French Bulldog puppy name suggestions:

White cream frenchie bulldog frenchiestore

Male white Frenchie Female white Frenchie Unisex white dog name suggestions
Snow Snowflake Snowy
Cloud Star Sky
Olaf Elsa Ice
Salt Salty Whittier
Flake Silver Leaf
Blanco Blanca Blanc
Everest Alaska North
Bear Winter Pollar
Vodka Tequila Champagne
Casper Pearl Mont
Cane Sugar Dove
Sparky Diamond Shine
Walter White Snow White White

Black French Bulldog puppy name suggestions:

black frenchie bulldog wearing frenchiestore black frenchie pejamas

Male black Frenchie Female black Frenchie Unisex black dog name suggestions
Asher Ember Ash
Cole Collett Coal
Shadow Ebony Opal
Thunder Stormy Slate
Jameson Brandy Bean
Stout Raisin Olive
Porter Pepper Poppy
Panther Puma Jaguar
Nero Kuro Noir
Cosmo Galaxy Eclipse
knight Midnight Night
Dracula Mystique Goth
Tux Velvet Suede

Merle French Bulldog puppy name suggestions:

rare blue merle Frenchie frenchiestore

Male Merle Frenchie Female Merle Frenchie Unisex Merle dog name suggestions
Macchiato Mimosa Splash
Spot Spotty Patch
Oreo Cookie Freckles
Choco Chocolate Coco
Dice Marbles Domino
Chess Checkers Chip
Ray Orca Panda
Felix Polka Snoopy
Dapple Nebula Ula
Mark Marquette Smudge
Blotch Sprinkles Confetti
Calico Dottie Speck
Motley Dab Leo

Blue French Bulldog puppy name suggestions:

blue frenchie bulldog frenchiestore pjs
Male blue Frenchie Female blue Frenchie Unisex blue dog name suggestions
Comet Gin Flint
Glacier Granite Grau
Pewter Luna Meeko
Andorian Aster Atasi
Bluno Blubelle Bellevue
Dory Doli Capri
Periwinkle Neptune Pollia
Sapphire Neytiri Skye
Bluray Blueberry Bleu
Steel Bijou Slocan
Kaslo Selene Nyx
Jarilo Belle Ivy
Stannis Katniss Napir

Fawn French Bulldog puppy name suggestions:

fawn frenchie frenchy bulldog frenchiestore

Male Fawn Frenchie Female Fawn Frenchie Unisex Fawn dog name suggestions
Bruno Sandi Sunny
Amaretto Apricot Genji
Rusty Brandy Dior
Hari Summer Auburn
Bagel Brie Almond
Nacho Hazel Chip
Tuscan Autumn Bailey
Yarrow Dahlia Kula
Amarillo Sahara Kin
Lager Savannah Sundance 
Noodles Custard Cashew
Yellore Ginger Sun
Honell Honey Hon

Chocolate or Brown French Bulldog puppy name suggestions:

chocolate brown frenchie frenchy bulldog frenchiestore custom frenchie clothing

Male Chocolate Frenchie Female Chocolate Frenchie Unisex Chocolate dog name suggestions
Mylo Brandie Nutmeg
Nutello Brunette Mudd
Canoli Kasha Cinnamon
Cronan Maple Koko
Dunkin Merlot Meatloaf
Heath Scarlette Mocha
Hershey Jenny Java
Rolo Cheyenne Mousse
Roux Saffron Nestle
Russet Ambrosia Toast
Timber Sedona Chewbacca
Cedar Pretzel Clove
Cappuccino Sienna KitKat
Copper Mahogany Muffin
Gravy Hazel Tuscan

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October 24, 2023



November 02, 2021

I looked through this list and it helped me a lot!! My dog had 5 cute puppies 🥰🥰🥰 me and my four siblings all got to pick names! I looked at the list and I immediately got caught on the name raisin! The puppy I got to pick the name for was a all black French bulldog like her mom. I saw the name raisin and immediately thought that the name was perfect sense she was the littlest of the bunch! I texted my dad right away and told him the name. I am so excited for when these puppies get older and I totally recommend this site to pick out any names of French bulldogs or any other cute dog that you might have! ❤️🥰

Sheila Genter-Kraus
Sheila Genter-Kraus

July 01, 2019

I just received my order of the All American &
Pink Lemonade Versatile Health Harnesses & absolutely love them!! They fit perfectly on my frenchies!! The chest material of the harness is superior & the harness itself is made of such superb quality!! 5+ stars!!

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