Dog friendly restaurants around the world

Dog friendly restaurants around the world

Going to a restaurant? Don't leave your pooch behind, there are lots of dog-friendly restaurants worldwide today

In the past, pets were rarely allowed in restaurants. In recent years many restaurants are going the extra mile in designing special spots for pups.

Frenchie puppy dog harness

From trendy hotspots that offer treats to your dog to restaurants that have special menus for your furry canine, below are some of these dog-friendly restaurants you can find in different cities worldwide.

Frenchie Cafe

1. Frenchie Cafe in London.

In this cafe you can enjoy coffee, cake and cocktails even if you don't have a French Bulldog. If you are a Frenchie owner you can let your dog indulge in the delicious doggy treats and pupuccinos. 

Frenchies must pass a certain set of criteria before being allowed in the Frenchie Cafe. First of all this is a Frenchie-only spot. The cafe also asks that your Frenchie is up to date on vaccines, and well-socialized with people as well as dogs.

2. Pug Cafe in Kyoto, Japan.

The Pug Cafe is located about 30 minutes by train from Kyoto Station. Visiting the Pug Cafe is well worth the visit if you love the pug dog breed.

The Pug Cafe has a total of 12 pugs that you can spend time with and even feed.

3. Pug Cafe in Guildford London.

The UK's first ever pop up Pug Cafe - a cafe dedicated to pugs FOR pugs! Held at Esquires Coffee Guildford, we served up a menu especially for pugs including our signature puguccinos

4. The dirty onion Belfast

If you are in the UK, ask any dog owner and they will tell that this is the most dog-friendly restaurant they know. If you want to enjoy cuddling up with your best friend in the UK, then the dirty onion is the place for the two of you.

Your pup is most welcome to spend time in the garden or cuddle with you at the bar. Doggies can also snuggle up within the bar area, no one is going to bother them.

This place is a human hotspot too to enjoy well-crafted beer, an inviting beer garden, and a cozy bar.


Frenchie dog harness
Frenchie dog harness in pink camo

5. Singl-end Garnethill in Glasgow.

This is a dog-friendly restaurant located in Glasgow and loves welcoming furry pets into their space.

Don't take our word for it, head on to their Instagram page and see for yourself then head there to experience the love too.

The restaurant also offers great food and delicious treats for your canine.

Bring your pooch along and enjoy a cozy, relaxing afternoon with your best friend while you chew on baked treats. Snuggle up with your dog and slip a treat or two to him, no one will judge you.

6. 32 Shea in Arizona, USA

32 Shea is the perfect place for you to treat your dog for dinner.  This restaurant is known for coffee, cocktails and good food.

This restaurant becomes a bright coffee spot in the day and a cozy place for dinner at night.

The restaurant features a dog-friendly patio within the restaurant. You can also take your dog to the "yappy hour" in the restaurant on Saturdays at some specified times.

The patio for pups is well sheltered with water bowls for thirsty pups.

French Bulldog puppy dog-friendly restaurant

The Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in the U.S. | The Lazy Dog

There's a growing trend in the culinary world — eateries catering to our love of dogs by offering dog-friendly space and menus. And we're not talking just treats here, folks! Read on to learn about The Lazy Dog and more dog-friendly restaurants to grab some grub.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar opens Monday for dogs and their humans

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar opens it's latest location in Fresno Monday, offering food and drinks for dogs and their humans. Complimentary bowl of water for dogs.

French Bulldog dog harness

7. Red door in Arkansas

The red door restaurant is known to offer great culinary dishes with a rich heritage from the south. It is also a dog-friendly restaurant.

Chef Abernathy will ensure that the pups have had their share of his homemade dog treats. After a hearty meal, the dogs can snuggle up in the patio set apart for them and fitted with fans to make their environment even more enjoyable.

8. The Crab Shack

This is another dog-loving restaurant. The servers in the Crab Shack serve the pups with bowls of water and other delicious dog treats.

Since this is a pet-loving restaurant you might see some well-mannered cats strolling around the hotspot. 

dachshund puppy dog harness
Golden doodle dog harness

9. Grand Cafe in Minnesota

This restaurant is 70 years old. It is known for its modernized yet classic food and the dog-friendly environment the restaurant offers.

At the door, you will find a water dish where pups can quench their thirst.

This a sign that they welcome pups with open arms. If you and your dog have had a long day, then this could be the perfect place for you.

Stressed dogs will be served with a bowl of water served in crystal along with other assorted snacks.

Their accompanying humans will also be served with delicious snacks and sometimes a full meal.

10. Tin Shed Garden Cafe in Portland.

If you are in Portland, you don't have to look further, the Tin Shed Garden Cafe will gladly welcome you and your pup.

Here the pups are allowed into the semi-enclosed patio. In the patio, your best friend will be pampered with whatever you order from the dog menu.

The restaurant also offers a Doggie Love Night. Starting from 5 pm doggies will be served a free dog dinner at the purchase of a full adult meal.

French Bulldog puppy dog harness
Frenchie dog friendly restaurants

11. The Wilson in New York

If you are in New York you can start scheduling a date to treat your fuzzy friend. The Wilson is a restaurant that is known to treat dogs like royalty. They recently launched a new dog menu full of tasty treats for the canines.

If you love giving back to the community then you would love to spend more on your dog's treats since a portion of the dog food proceeds will go to a pet charity each month.

The dog meals from this restaurant are an inspiration from two canines who are the two best friends of the culinary director.

12. The Nose Dive’s in Greenville

This dog-friendly patio is where every dog owner's heart is yearning for. Your dog will be treated like royalty considering the dog menu served in this restaurant. You will be given a handcrafted sweet cocktail to sample as your pooch browses through some dog beer menu that consists of different flavors.

Your pet will also be treated to a main course dog meal. The main dish menu for your dog consists of fish, salmon, chicken, scrambled eggs and beef patties and peanut butter ice cream for desert.

Dog-friendly patio
Frenchie best dog-loving restaurants in Washington.

13. 360 Cookhouse in Washington

If you are in Washington DC, the 360 Cookhouse is a very good choice for a dog-friendly meal spot.

This restaurant is known to be one of the best dog-loving restaurants in Washington.

Your puppy can snack on some of the best snacks a dog can have such as pig's ear, meat sticks among other specialties.

This spot also adds veggie bones and raw meat cubes to the dog menu. Apart from snacking and having a sumptuous meal, your dog is also going to enjoy dog events that the cookhouse sets up every once in a while.

14. Harajuku in Japan.

Tokyo is one of the most dog-loving cities in the world. Dogs are highly treasured and valued.

Some of the dog breeds are referred to as national heroes such as the dog Hachiko.

Tokyo also offers other animal-friendly spots where humans can spend time with animals like snakes, hedgehogs, and owls among others.

the most dog-loving cities in the world

My Favourite Dog Cafe in Harajuku, Japan

Harajuku Mameshiba Cafe.

If you love traveling but have been thinking of leaving your pup behind, then don't. Your best friend will be happier to spend more time with you. Today, most cities are filled with dog-loving restaurants so go ahead and bring your pup along, they will thank you for it and in return your bond will grow stronger than ever.

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March 15, 2024

Great read! I Love the range of dog-friendly eating places worldwide! It’s great to understand there are spots where our furry friends are welcome. Thank you for sharing!

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