Best Frenchie dog gear

July 29, 2019

Best Frenchie dog gear made by frenchiestore

We worked for months on this line. There are so many things we changed, upgraded and removed. We want to explain the details in case you were wondering.

We have the best gear for Frenchies and other brachycephalic dog breeds. No other company has been able to achieve the quality or health conscience dog products that we provide. Now that we extended our sizing we can cater to other breeds as well. 

Upgrades made to Frenchiestore Versatile Health Harness:

frenchiestore mermazing harness under the sea dog harness magical mermaid unicorn buckles

We want to start with our innovative Health Harness. We have made so many upgrades to the harness. For starters we eliminated the mesh side. We decided that a luxury soft fabric that is water resistant is ideal. It is comfortable, padded and is going to be your Frenchies' new best friend.

We also found that printing on the luxurious fabric makes the colors and print vibrant and smooth. We took in consideration that in summer, dogs love to get wet; in the beach, playing with sprinklers etc.

Having a water resistant fabric on both sides ensures the dog does not have that sticky wet feeling or an odor because moist was stuck within the mesh.

Pro tip: You can use Frenchiestore cooling bandanas under your water resistant harness fabric to cool your dog without moisture seeping in.

Next we made sure to upgrade our logos material. We switched to vegan leather. It is less bulky and soft on your Frenchies chest.

It took over a year but we finally perfected the sizes. It did come with a small sacrifice. We had to remove the logo on the belly strap since it was taking away valuable inches. However, by eliminating that we gained 4 inches for those thin waist thick neck French Bulldogs so now a large can fit them perfectly without a loose belly strap.

Having a size chart of S-XL was not enough for us. Dogs of all breeds contacted us needing the Health Harness. We added XXL for larger breeds and we added XS for smaller breeds.

The XL and XXL Health Harness comes with enlarged straps and buckles. This is for the security and safety of the dog. We also made another critical decision, it may seem small to some but to us it was not.

We decided to exclude the white label that was on the reverse bottom on our prior harnesses. In our opinion that label was unnecessary and it was just another thing that could possibly irritate the dog. We all remember as kids being bothered by labels and cutting them, don't we?

We want dogs to be comfortable and even though removing the label is essentially removing part of our branding, we believe it was justified and warranted. Ultimately we can more about having a comfortable dog than a label.

Upgrades made to Frenchiestore Adjustable Health Harness:

strap harness for frenchies made by frenchiestore

We were really picky when it came to our Adjustable Health Harness. Your feedback throughout the last year has helped us perfect it. We now have constructed the ultimate on the go harness that is comfortable, stays in place and functional all in one.

We decided to add 3 O rings to prevent any movement. It stays in place, secure and safe no matter what. Just like the Versatile Health Harness the logos got an upgrade to vegan leather.

frenchie harness with palms tropical design

We decided to move the back ring upwards so it does not touch the dog's back at all. The front D ring is located in the front just below the O ring.

We have moved our breakaway buckles to the same side so it makes the harness a step into rather than over the head. This harness construction is extremely user friendly.

Finally we added more sizes. French Bulldogs usually wear a medium in this harness. We added small to accommodate breeds such as Miniature Pinscher, Beagle, Brussels Griffon, Cocker Spaniel etc.

We added large to accommodate breeds such as Boxer, Collie, Dalmatian, German Shepherd etc.

Our new innovative Frenchiestore Health Leash:

 innovative dual attachment leash multiple configuration leash

This leash is meant to be paired with Frenchiestore Health Harness. A great everyday training leash for your stubborn dog. Ideal for dogs that love to pull and lead their owners.

Simply connect to the front and the back of your Health Harness simultaneously - this configuration creates a 4' long leash and provide the owner additional control points and evenly distributed motions.

This leash works very well on even the most stubborn pullers. We upgraded leash hardware on all the leashes for durability and security.

Unicorn hardware:

How do you like our new unicorn hardware? It has multiple colors; blue, purple green and yellow hues. It changes colors according to movement and lighting. We are absolutely in love with it. 

Each one is handmade with multiple color coatings. Our Mermazing collection has all unicorn hardware including the buckles, O rings, D rings, mini D rings, size adjustable clips and leash attachments.

unicorn magical dog leash made by frenchiestore

Our collars have a mini D ring added for tags. You can find them in the new collection as well as the StarPup collars. The new collars now come in sizes S-L and similarly in size to the Adjustable Health Harness. Small is suitable for smaller breeds, Large for bigger breeds and medium is the size a Frenchie would wear.

poop bag waste bag made by frenchiestore

We have upgraded the closures on the bow-ties, added new accessories like matching waste bags etc. All upgrades can be seen in individual listings under "new features".  We have worked on this release day and night for the past few months.

We hope you love everything and appreciate the fact that we want to give our furry friends only the best. We did not increase prices because we believe a healthy option should be attainable without costing an arm and a leg.

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