4 training tips to make your stubborn French Bulldog obedient

April 15, 2019 3 min read

4 training tips to make your stubborn French Bulldog obedient

French Bulldogs display strong unwillingness for training, making exercise stressful and frustrating for the them and the human at times. While they are playful and gentle, their stubbornness is on another level compared to other dog breeds and can be challenging to train at times. There are ways of getting your Frenchie to learn to obey your commands. Here are simple strategies to train your adorable Bulldog.

1.  Start early/ Early Potty Training

Start as soon as you get your Frenchie home. Breeders usually re-home their Frenchie Bulldog as early as 8 weeks old. Immediately after bringing your French Bulldog home start with potty training your puppy. Designate a special potty area and stick to it. Take your puppy every 2 hours as Frenchie puppies cant hold their needs for longer than that when they are that young. You want the dog to start learning potty manners as early as possible to prevent future problems. Show your French bulldog the spot you want him/her to defecate until they becomes familiar with the place and connect it with toilet affairs. If you allow your Frenchie to do their needs elsewhere it will complicate matters for you later. Frenchies are extremely intelligent and will resort to their own way of doing things if not trained otherwise.

2.  Positive Reinforcements through Verbal and Physical Rewards

French Bulldogs are highly emotional and can become sad when scolded. These dogs were bred to please, so any negative feedback hits them hard. To prevent your dog from becoming sulky, make sure to reward him/her with plenty of verbal and physical compliments such as praises, pets and treats. Whenever the dog does the right thing without your guidance, reward your Frenchie bountifully. When things don’t go as planned, don’t shout or scold your Frenchie. Stay positive always to build a trustworthy and positive relationship.

3.  Socialize

You want your pup to become fully integrated with your family as quickly as possible. Start integrating the dog into your household from the day of arrival. Let him/her be desensitized to the touch of family members and allow interaction freely with your household. Frenchies love noise and activity, so let them play around and explore. On the same token it is crucial that your dog socialize with other dogs early on. You want your Frenchie to be able to play and be around dogs without aggression or issues that might come later in adulthood if not properly socialized.

4.  Use the proper training tools

Frenchies are brachycephalic dogs and this predisposes them to respiratory disorders. We would never recommend a training collar for this reason. Walking a brachy breed with a collar can disrupt airflow and even make the dogs eyes pop out of their socket or potentially cause other trachea injuries. According to the Humane Society of the US it is the safest to use a harness to restrain your Frenchie. A harness allows the dog to breath freely with little or no obstructions. Our Health Harness was designed for brachycephalic dogs. It makes for a great training tool without the dangers found in common pet accessories.

The Health Harness is designed with dual D rings and double zink alloy buckles to provide a safe, no-choke, no-pull walk. The front D ring makes it ideal for training dogs that like to pull, along with those that have aggression and dominance issues. If you want your pooch to have a comfortable life, a quality Frenchie harness is an excellent investment. Train your dog how to walk besides you early on to avoid frustration in the future. Even if your dog is full grown our specialty designed Health Harness can make all the difference in the world.

Frenchies are one of the most popular dog breeds on the planet. Miniature yet with giant characters, these adorable pooches are playful, intelligent, yet extremely stubborn. We believe that if you follow these 4 simple tips of training your Frenchie you can lead a healthy and positive relationship with your pooch.

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