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June 05, 2019

french bulldog wearing camo harness frenchiestore

Celebrate World Environment Day with your Frenchie - June 5th 2019:

World Environment Day (also known as WED) is celebrated on June 5th every year.  

Why do we "celebrate" World Environment Day?

International days are the pawfect way to educate, enlighten and address the public on issues of public concern to push for change and reinforce achievements of humanity. As an ethical brand that focuses on sustainable fashion it is our goal to make a difference.

How is Frenchiestore an environmental friendly brand?

Being environmental friendly mean we simply go to basics. We outsource materials that do not harm our environment.

Sustainable fashion - we have created a movement in the pet industry towards social justice, health conscience and greater ecological integrity.

Some companies believe that when a product gets worn, or malfunction faster you will come back to buy more in a greater frequency.

While this may be true and beneficial to CEO's pockets the damage this attitude has on our earth is very disturbing. We believe that a product should last a lifetime instead of one year.

We believe in recycling the product over and over again, donating to dogs in need, shelters and rescues. We foster dog fashion with great concern for our fur babies as well as the system in whole.

Ethical brand that is making a difference - we are constantly growing and improving towards ultimate sustainable fashion. Our new summer line has been proudly upgraded in many ways.

Though we are not able to disclose all the details we can share that the logos on the harnesses and leashes have been changed to vegan leather.

The small details matter to us. Vegan leather is environmental friendly, soft and uber stylish.

vegan leather frenchiestore















Packaging- all of our packaging are made with 100% recyclable materials.

No Plastic- We never produced any dog accessory that contained a plastic buckle. Never have, never will. We use premium breakaway buckles that will outlast us.

Organic fabrics - all of our dog clothing have always been made with organic fabrics.

By making changes as a brand and making ethical decisions we know it is making a positive difference. Not only our products are tailored for the health and safety of your dog, they are better for our environment.

Get a Free Donut on National Donut Day 2019 - June 7th 2019

National donut day is here and we thought you might enjoy this free guide. The pawfect opportunity to take your Frenchie for a stroll and grab a free donut.

Doesn't that seem like the ultimate afternoon hang out? Just be mindful dogs can't have sugar so even though they might want to take a bite it would be best if you came prepared.

In order to avoid the guilt dog puppy eyes staring at you bring a stuffed plush donut toy or especially made for dog donut treat (or any dog treat for that matter) so they don't feel left out.

While you nibble on your real donut you can offer the toy or the dog safe option. Here are some places you can grab a donut at:

  • Krispy Kreme: The original good ole Krispy Kreme! One free donut (of any kind) per customer.
  • Dunkin' Donuts:One free donut per customer.
  • Walmart:One free glazed donut per customer, in the bakery section.
  • Salvation Army:Free donuts for veterans (what a great cause! we salute you )
  • Factory Donuts:One free donut per customer.
  • Duck Donuts:One free bare, powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar donut.
  • Donut King (FL): One free donut per customer.
  • LaMar’s Donuts: One free donut per customer.

Enjoy your time with your pooch and the free donut today. We wish you a sweet Friday!

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